• Some kids are responsible

    Yes unless they have mental issues there are some teens who wait for the moment to be a teen to drive but the only thing that bugs me is that the grade schools will have to build bigger parking lots but who cares no one rides the chees wagon boom

  • My beg weel is swagy, do u even trike?

    My parents keep tellin me to moev out of there bassment but i dont have enuff mullah to buy myself a grillt cheeze sand witch from wendys. This is y u dont do crak cocane. Be a good grill dont do school stay in drugs. Live the gud lief buy a big weel.

  • R u drunk brah

    Leik dont evn folkin suggest it, dont. U pleb stahp it. Just stahp. Do u even kno wat it costes to drive a car. I drive a big wheel so stfu the wheel insurance alone would cost u ur tet. Grow up dood, eat them greens and grow up fgt.

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