• Not to brag or anything but...

    But I went to school... More than once actually! And as a young, pubescent, school athlete with a high metabolism, I didn't just want to eat everything I could, I NEEDED to eat everything I could. "Heathy" food (whatever that means now) usually didn't cut it on it's own. Kids tend to burn a lot of calories. I'm pro choice.

  • Schools can't control everything

    Students are going to eat it allowed or not they will just wait till they are out of school and eat on the way home or eat it at lunch because rules are more lax during lunch because teachers are more focused on eating instead of policing the students so what's the point of banning it? It doesn't do much help kids still get fat from their lack of physical activity and their eating habits outside of the school plus school lunch is garbage and keeps getting worse so nobody wants to eat it but some people don't have a choice but if someone brings their own lunch as long as what's in it isn't illegal it shouldn't be any of the schools business

  • Effects health problems in later life for kids

    At school most of the kids pick up cheeto puffs instead of say an apple or carrots. More kids need to be able to have healthy food at school and not cheetos because they are have no nutrition in them and cause kids to have health problems later in life

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