Should kids be able to get free instruments at school?

  • One word: Benefits.

    Every kid in schools should be supplied with free instruments. Band courses and clubs should not be a fundraising thing for schools. Being in band and becoming interested in the musical arts at any age, especially younger ages in schools, is a great way of getting opened up to scholarships and the work of real band practice. I can see how some people would say no as paying for the instrument carries responsibility on you, but actually, getting the instrument to begin with is a responsibility and tough commitment to make, I'd know from personal experiences, being involved in the Musical Performing Arts throughout Middle School (5th-8th Grade). I was very musically involved and was the only person in my class who recognized Beethoven and Mozart by face. I knew all sorts of composers like Johann Sebastian Bach and George Fredrick Handel that none of my classmates had ever heard of. I knew of Richard Wagner and soon learned how to play songs from said composers on the piano. I was very musically involved, but the cost for the instruments was insane, especially for purchase and not for rent.

  • If they do it next they will charge for more.

    It is so bad to be a kid who is being charged for a instrument and i am a kid who was in strings and i got charged for the instrument and it was a lot of money and my mom could not pay for it and i quit strings.

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