Should Kids be able to have access to the internet at school

  • Internet really helps with projects

    As someone in a school, it is so much easier to be able to do research on a subject straight away without having to wait to go home. You are able to do much more in lessons and although some people play games, they don’t do as well so they stop after a bit.

  • Education is important, and we need computers to provide modern, comprehensive education

    Yes, with restrictions, of course.

    It is absolutely essential that we provide the next generation with wide varieties of information to nurture their growth as young scholars. This is especially true in the modern era, where literally every job utilizes the Internet in some shape or form, making it imperative to equip our students with the ability to surf the web confidently and safely.

    Most people against this will say: "Oh, well if we give kids internet then they'll just play games, or get distracted!"

    OK. I am of the belief that this is completely fine. If children wish to waste their time on games in school then it is their choice. They will fail. Especially when computers are used to complete in-class assignments that cannot be completed at home. People who take work seriously will do their work and not play games. People who don't take work seriously will play games and fail, thus discouraging others to follow that path.

    Worst-case scenario, you block gaming websites (and obviously any adult content should be blocked as well). This way you aren't punishing students who actually want to learn by depriving them of the ability to accumulate information.

    I am interested in hearing more about this.

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