Should kids be able to have social media accounts without adult supervision?

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  • Most of them are not yet mature enough to digest the things that they see on social media.

    The frontal cortex of most average humans do not fully develop until they reach the age of 19~21. Most kids lack the idea of individualism, and while some might be able to be themselves, Most will try to do things to fit in. This means drugs, alcohol, and excessive and unnecessary dieting. Most kids are not yet fully aware of the materialistic reality that we live in and will want unnecessary things that they see on social medias such as Instagram.

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  • Yes they should

    They should because they could safer websites .They really just need adults to trust them if there not able to trust they not responsible enough to use social media sites and they tell parents there account the big problem is words these days kids wants to act cool but a kid is still a kid they need to respect others so others will respect them if its not nice don't say it problem solved kids need parents for life I would let my kid only if they are responsible to tell me if there account

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  • Noooooooo!!!!!! Social media

    There are tons of people on social media and you put information about your life and things.I am 10 and use to use Facebook my name was Mahad Ahmed put know I don't use it much.So do not let kids have social media it is dangerous and when you post something like a picture they might now where you are if they now the place.

  • Yes they should

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  • Yes we should!!!

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  • Buh yah, suckas!

    As a parent, you want to keep you child as safe as possible. You want to make sure they are in you grasp, and no one else is “eyeing them down”. But the same excuse pops up when your child asks you for Facebook “I’m getting older now!” and the same answer comes from you “No!”. Well many parents are debating whether their children should have Instagram, Facebook, google+, etc. But reasons why these debates are still going on, people from either side have a reason, whether if they should or should not.

  • No, they should not.

    How old are we talking here? Sometimes I think even adults should not be allowed to use social websites without supervision. What do kids need to be on facebook for anyways? Go outside. Read a book. Do something productive. That goes for you adults addicted to facebook as well! Seriously.

  • They shouldn't get social media

    This is because children can be careless and do anything and post anything with little thought and that's what can make them vulnerable to paedophile and bullying and that will expose the child with such negativity at a young age which children can not handle and they might not even tell their parents which can let the situation get out if hand

  • No kids should not have social medias

    Kids should mot have social media because they don't know how to control there self's. To keep it 100 adult's should not have Facebooks, Instagram, and twitter.So that is why I think we should no have social media. Tell me if you like my statement click on the like button. Thank you for reading. Have a grate day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NO I do not think kids should have social media

    cyber bullying
    less social skills with friends
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  • Kids dont now if they are talking to how they think they are

    Kids have no way of nowing who the are talking to even no they think it may be there friend the maby a a chiled predatoe or wores even if the think that that they are safe they could be talking to someone that is older then them but they want know

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  • Nope. No way.

    Most concerned parents suspend their judgement too quickly and say no. Hold your research. There are stalkers, innapropriate content, parent badmouthing, explicit ads, everything. But hey, if your child will be responsible enough then give it a try. But these things children pick up can cause lifetime damage. You never know.


    Kids dont understand the dangers that social media presents. They arent ready to handle some of the stuff that they will see hear or be told. Its also proven that it will hurt their social and communication skills as well as harm their sleep patterns. Plus if you kids are so confident you can handle it then what are you hiding that you dont want your parents to see?

  • Children do not understand Cause and Effect enough to use social media without adult supervision

    I have recently been told that kids, as old as 17 and as young as 14 do not understand the repercussions of sexting, posting inappropriate selfies, cyber bullying, etc. so they should not be held accountable for their actions. I believe that if you allow your child to post these things and interact with strangers, without your knowledge, there will be repercussions - is your child ready for them? If you think not, then you should either be monitoring them closely or you should not have them on sites that allow themselves to be exploited by strangers - or their friends. It's a slippery slope and 1 pic turns into 30 and so on. Parental Guidance is suggested.

  • Kids should not be on social media

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