• We were taught about it at school

    Look we are horny teens. We learn it in PDH class in around year 6-7. We get it you wear protection, use pills e.T.C. But really I think at the age of 14 and 6 moths which I am already you should be able to have sex. Like you can't stop us teens. You tell us off for pleasuring ourselves so we do it when your not around, or you don't like porn so you warn us not to watch it we do anyway. Look I've had to girlfriends in year 7 and 9( which I'm in)the first one lasted until she left the school and the other still going. As long as we aren't rapping people it shouldn't matter and it should be private of course. But people are doing underage sex anyway.

  • Do we really think you can stop them?

    With each other. How healthy really are the messages that we send kids about sex, anyway? Some research might be appropriate. One might begin with "Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire. One might follow that with "The History of Sexuality: An Introduction". You might also read the best selling book by Christopher Ryan or some of the research by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy. Then you might read "The Purity Myth".

    I am going to repeat: WITH EACH OTHER.

    I ask you this: Did telling young boys that they would go blind if they, um, "helped themselves" actually reduce the incidence of the behaviour or just make them really afraid? And, once they figured out it was a fear tactic, did they actually start asking intelligent questions or did they stop talking to adults altogether?

    As long as we continue to criminalize sex we are failing ourselves. IMHO we would be wise to take some cues from the Mosuo as well. They entirely turn our concepts on their proverbial heads, to the benefit of women and children and - believe it or not - men.

    In closing, just in case you missed it: WITH EACH OTHER!!! "Child" is also defined legally, culturally, and biologically. In many places a person 17 years and 364 days old is a "child", and the next day is an "adult". Poof! Magic! And we wonder why we have problems ...

    Huh. I did not think I had 50 words of opinion.

  • Depends on some things

    Like if they are at a good age (12 and up) and if they are aware of what they are doing (such as if they know the risk and what will happen if they fuck up and have the right protection such as condoms for both genders or birth control.)

  • Depends on the circumstances

    In the UK, if a underage subject has sex with a person over the age of 16, the responsible adult will be arrested. However, if both are underage and are of "reasonable age" prosecution will not go ahead. So if Two thirteen year olds who have hit puberty have sex that's fine in my opinion, as long as they are aware of the risks and are educated in this field. If two 7 year olds have sex that's just stupid

  • Discouraged, of course, but not illegal

    If you had kids left alone long enough to explore things, and it went to far, what would you really do?

    As a culture we need to encourage our kids to make good, solid choices. But putting legal impact on what they do with their body?

    I guess I wonder what is meant by 'be able to'.

  • Depends on the Age

    If you bring the age to say 14? And both involved are aware of the risks yes. But if you have people with no idea that's the grey area. If they use protection yes. Otherwise there's no point. These laws are in place to protect them not restrict them. My opinion Yes

  • I swear to God if you take this away from me

    I'm 14. All I have to do is wait 2 years then I can use the liberty that I deserve to make this decision. And there is no way a majority who isn't even the young population going to make a decision on what's good for us. What we do is our decision. And if we f#ck up, Then that's on us.

  • I don't know

    Depends on age and maturity. If both partners are aware about the risks and are taking precautions to ensure their safety, then yeah, okay.

    If you need me to be more specific, wait until your hormones start raging during puberty. I don't want to see 7 year olds having sex with one another.

  • Ew ew ew

    NO! Whoever thinks this is okay is a monster! Pedophiles are out there, And they may stop developing! Teach children to only have sex at 18, And only have sex consensually, And they can only have sex with someone who is not in their family! If you're some horny teen saying yes, Oh you need to wait your horny ass until your old enough to answer

  • Even with protection, there are still chances to get the partner pregnant.

    I was born like that.
    Because in many cases people tend to regret their impulses. I am 15 and I can totally understand the urge to their strong sexual desires. But if you get your partner pregnant, you at least need a job to raise the kid. And to get a job you need to finish high school.

  • No underaged sex

    Why underaged kids shouldn't have sex is beacause they could get pregnant way to young and because what they don't know what could happen and why would they anyways they could die from sex cause they might not want to stop and something could go wrong that's why underaged kids shouldn't have sex

  • No they should not.

    Kids should not be able to have under aged sex it is bad for them and that is a big decision to make and kids and teens just are not ready to take on that type of commitment. They do not fully understand what they are doing yet or how it will effect them.

  • Ha ha No!

    Kids?! No way in hell. Teens? No, they're still too young. When they come into adulthood, that is when they can make the decision to have sex. Underage sex is just stupid, and will lead to saggy loose vagina's in the future. Not to mention it can lead to diseases, behavioral issues, and most importantly, pregnancy. It seems children have children all the time now, and get a TV show out of it. That vile show Teen Mom is still up and running. It's intention is to show children and teens that it is hard to raise a baby. But since they don't fully understand the consequences, they instead see it as something they would like to do to earn money and fame.

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