Should kids be able to listen to music in class?

Asked by: redsox
  • It depends on the person

    Some people get distracted, but other people don't. But then why do I say yes? I say yes, because if someone wants to listen to music and they don't distract, and it might even help! Then so be it! But then people would believe that maybe they are lying. Which then is another debate!

  • Yes they should

    I say yes it helps me concentrate and it is letting me focus in the library during study hall and i think that kids in my school should be able to because the work is confusing and the song onto the next one by Jay Z is a perfect song to listen to while working on the work I GO TO OLIVER WOLCOTT TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL IN TORRINGTON CT

  • Auditory Learning Style

    This is giving some students privilege, it is allowing all students to listen if they so wish.
    There are three learning styles, visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Auditory learners either benefit from music or they don't. However, depriving them of something that could assist the learning process is not what school should be about. Kicking students out of lecture halls isn't going to solve anything, as lecture-styled class rooms have a sixteen percent retention rate. Congratulations, they are forgetting more than a fourth of your lesson in the first month.

  • There are exceptions

    When i draw, listening to music that fits what im trying to draw helps me draw it better, it helps me mentally picture what im drawing

    when im reading/write papers/working out problems i play neo-classical or any music with no vocals; neo-classical is proven to help cognitive thinking and both types helps me stay focused

    as long as the music is played softly and the people listening are doing their work its a fine privileg to have

  • YES the should

    Many students would likely benefit from being able to listen to a non distracting song with good messages. Many people would work a lot more efficiently since the music would keep them from talking to peers. Yes, some people would abuse this privilege but we could either take it away from them or simply let them suffer the consequence if a warning was enough.

  • Yes kids should !!!

    I think kids should be able to listen to music in class because it helps alot of people think and it calms and helps relax to do work, even my first period reading teacher Mrs. Huwe says that it helps her think and then she can get things done and it also helps me work to and us kids should be able to listen to music!

  • I think kids should have music in class

    Kids should have music in class because it helps kids concentrate and not fall asleep in class. That could possibly bring up grades for most students and make U.S schools more popular. Music is good for kids and people should let people listen to music while they work. Thank You

  • SAT scores! !

    If you listen to music while studying it's proven you will do better on a test also because music helps Boost confidence and self esteem so you can be confident you are going to pass the test your studying for ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Helps me work better

    When kids are in class they are usually distracted by someone asking a question or someone knocking on the door. Music is their background noise. It's best if they listen to their own music because they can relate to it. It helps them relax and boosts their focus and their productivity.

  • Helps get work done

    When kids are in class they are usually distracted by someone asking a question or someone knocking on the door. Music is their background noise. It's best if they listen to their own music because they can relate to it. It helps them relax and boosts their focus and their productivity.

  • Absolutely not, how is this even a question?

    Class time is meant for your teacher to be TEACHING. If you are not paying attention to the actual lesson being taught, how will you learn it? Music during a lesson is a complete distraction to both the students and the teacher involved, and disrespectful.

    It's one thing to say students should be able to listen to headphones during a study hall, when no lesson is being taught. But class time? Absolutely not. I've kicked students out of my lecture hall for listening to their headphones during a lecture.

  • Unfair and distracting.

    No, no, no!

    Music is distracting, not only to the person listening to it but also the person next to him/her. If the music is at a volume where it is just barely audible outside the headphones, it can be distracting and frustrating to the person who unfortunately sits next to this music-lover.

    Also, students should all be working in the same type of environment. Letting some students have a benefit over others (in this case, owning a device which plays music) is unfair.

  • Only in Art

    If you are listening to music in say math, you are not uising that time to study, you go to school to learn. The only time I would allow it as a teacher would be in an expressive art class, or well music class. Anything else like nath or science is a complete no with me.

  • Prevents Learning For Kids

    Music is A Distraction To kids. It is a terrible waste of time and the lyrics are inappropriate. Some parents do not want their kids to listen o bad lyrics. I II I II I II I II I II I I II I II I II I II I II

  • Why should they

    They should not be able to listen to music with lyrics because first it may have bad words which some parents may not like their child to hear. Second it could make your grade go down if you are writing or reading it could mess you up writing words and listening to them. Third of all it could distract other students who either don't have a music player or their parents don't allow them to bring them to school.

  • No music with lyrics

    I don't think kids should listen to music with lyrics and do schoolwork. Music without lyrics is fine, in my opinion. I love music, don't get me wrong. But if a kid is listening to music is school, they'll probably be humming along with the lyrics and this can cause them to get distracted.

  • Of course not

    That would be stupid. I'm a student myself and even now we don'tget alot of our professors, which some of them shouldn't even have the licence to teach... And if we would listen to music during I don't know, history? Come on, how does that make any sence? Kids need educantion more than ever now! But yes, maybe in arts class, yes. Or, when we're doing some exercises.

  • Paying Attention to work

    Your brain can only pay attention to on train of thought at a time. Your brain can consciously only pay attention to one train of thought an plus it is very distracting on all levels. What if your teacher is talking and you are not listening to a single word why are they getting payed then it is not like there teacher right RIGHT

  • I think NO!

    The reason people should not be listening to it in class is because they wont get anything done, then their parents will get angry and ban them from music and if they listen to it at school they wont get no computer time at all, also yes is a good thing, but I am saying it for the safety of their Grades, also a lot of them are listening to bad music, they should listen to it at home not at school

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