• A headline in TIME this week alerts us: SCOURGE OF THE PLAYGROUND.

    A headline in TIME this week alerts us: SCOURGE OF THE PLAYGROUND. The subhead reads, "It's dodge ball, believe it of not. More schools are banning the childhood game, saying it's too violent." Tamala Edwards' article reports that "in a growing number of school districts in such states as Texas, Virginia, Maine, and Massachusetts, circles of kids dodging and throwing balls at one another have been banned from gym class...Opponents warn that dodge ball — also called murder ball and killer ball in some places — could be an incubator for later aggressive, even violent behavior."
    You roll your eyes at the ceiling and hoot like Limbaugh: Ah, the terrors of life in a prosperous, powerful, peacetime society! In a nation rich enough to be morally incoherent and given to media vapors, language inclines to hysteria. Murder ball? Killer ball? Really? People with no experience to teach them otherwise are dumb enough, self-indulgent enough, to equate recess with the intifada.
    You bray along these lines for a minute, going on about the cultural downside of American overprivilege (whining about dodge ball — dodge ball! — being of a piece somehow with Jerry Springer, Columbine, Jennifer and Puffy, Eminem and other manifestations of what might be called the opulence of democratized decline).
    But then a four-eyed sense of fairness raises its hand in the back of the mind. Well, dodge ball can be nasty. It masquerades as such a harmless school game — that was supposed to be the point of it: violence without contusions, the mildest simulation, War for Girls! — that no one has thought to impose civilizing restraints, with the result that the hyenas in the class, hunting as a pack, feel free to cut loose and batter the other kids. We've all seen this. It dovetails with recent pop sociology about an adolescent culture of bullying.
    But please, the first voice says, trying to be reasonable: The kids victimized by dodge ball must be distinguished from those poor children ducking bullets in the projects. Those growing up with daily drugs and gunfire get skewed enough. But the supposedly luckier kids, spared a demanding relationship with reality, are also liable to

  • Dogeball is a fun game and i think that alln shcools should play it

    Dogeball is a game that makes kids get stronger and it gives kides a chance to have fun and if people like it it might make kids enjoy school.It a game that i think they should play in elementry school,middle school and high school.Its a very fun game and playful game

  • Not like 30 years ago

    Balls are soft and and 99% of kids will chose dodgeball type activity as their game of choice in gym classes. The aspect of getting out, if that is a problem than the spelling bee should be removed from schools. Strong kids are not smart if they go after weak on other team due to the other teams strong kids. Many dodge ball games played now their is nobody eliminated anyways they go to a different area (jail) and continue to play.

  • Dodgeball should stay in school.

    I think dodgeball should be allowed in school because like Rick Hanetho said “it allows kids who aren’t good athletes to participate in a team sport”. Me freely speaking I like playing dodgeball. Another thing that Rick Hanetho said that’s true is that “dodgeball teaches hand-eye coordination” which is very important for different things in life for example hand-eye coordination is specifically for sports. That’s why I think dodgeball should stay in school.

  • Dodgeball is awesome

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  • Dodgeball is a good health benifet.

    In dodgeball you get to work in a team and you can work on throwing, catching, running, and, obuisly, dodging. People that play dodgeball will have a healthy heart and healthy lungs. You will play constantly and you don't stop that much during the game. Dodgeball is fun and will help your heart and lungs. Dodgeball should be allowed in school for crying out loud!

  • Dodgeball is a fun game

    Dodgeball should be allowed in school because it can give you a chance to practice agility, teamwork, how to throw, and how to catch. Dodgeball can also exercise your arms, fingers and legs. Dodgeball is a great sport, and kids should be able to play it in schools P.E. Class.

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  • Dodge ball should be allowed in School

    Dodge ball should be allowed in school becuz it is a fun sport to play. In additin if people choose the weaker kids then they should be out of the game and stay benched for the class period instead of it leading to bullying. If u dont like it then a clown is going inside ur house and is going to rape ur mom u fat bitch

  • I think we should not be allowed to play dodge ball in school

    I think that dodge ball can lead to bullying. Bullying can lead to being unhappy and can lead to depression. Therefore, dodge ball should be banned from all school because it is unsafe as making kids a target to be hit but the stronger kids to the weaker kids. For Example it is like they are getting picked on and getting hit by the older kids the coaches might not realize it because they may think that is just the game when it can be a form of bullying.

  • It can cause some health risks

    Dodgeball can sometimes cause concusions and unconciousness and you can also be bullied and in a couple schools in New york some injuries of children are taken to court. One young girl broke her elbow andher doctors say it might never grow properly again because the injury dealt with her growth plate in her elbow.

  • It is a game of cusing

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  • It should be played

    Football is worse then dodge ball if we are getting ride of dodge ball i say lets get ride of football too . People have died in foot ball in dodge ball you just get a red mark and your fine i love dodge ball i play it every day so what i am trying to say keep dodgeball

  • Kids are getting bullied from this "sport"

    By playing this game kids can be picked on for example: a weaker kid will be chosen to be the target and it may result in fear and the kid being uncomfortable to come to school. My evidence is i am a victim of bullying and this can lead to it easily

  • No it shouldn't

    Dodge balls are really one of the violent games. Some people may get hit hard in the head enough to get a concussion even worse. Unconscious may occur. Unless you are wearing armor and plus I don't even get the idea of just having fun and wind of being knocked in some bullying technique. Next time you play dodge ball, just think firing a weapon at someone and paining them. Is that a good idea? I DON'T THINK SO!

  • No, dodgeball is to violent.

    Dodgeball is to violent for school. Kids will be injured due to the velocity that a ball can be thrown. The taxpayers should not foot this bill. Dodgeball also allows for bullies to injure kids for fun. This is not a productive use of school time. Schools should look for real sports for kids to play.

  • You get hurt

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  • Dodge ball is just another way of bullying

    Your probably thinking that dodge ball is just a fun sport. You just run, grab a ball and throw it.. Well that's not all after that your just likely to get hit with a ball way harder! Dodge ball is a fun and also very violent game. Because next thing you know your ended up in the nurses office going home.

  • In school dodge ball should be reconsidered when playing it at school because it is unsafe, and violent.

    There are many reasons why dodge ball is violent to play in school. Firstly, you can get a very serious injury and you could possibly go to the emergency room at the hospital. Secondly, it can cause to bulling . That happens when the stronger and bigger kids to take advantage of the weaker and smaller. Lastly, dodge ball costs money to buy the balls and the nets and the polls. So it should not be allowed in schools because all it causes is injuries, bulling, and wasted money.

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Jumpin says2014-06-17T07:24:42.300
Dodgeball interesting game to play, Its was played in many schools. Yes its not for violent , its just a game.