• Freedom of religion

    Kids should be allowed to express their religion in school. The Constitution of the United States of America protects the right of people to live whatever religion they want to. As long as students aren't forcing their ideals on other students, there shouldn't be any rule against students praying in school.

  • Freedom of speech

    It doesn't matter what other people believe people should be able to practice what they believe. It is literally impossible to go around sugar coating things so as to not offend people, that's life. If it is someone's religion then you shouldn't be the one to judge they have the right to practice that belief even in public places like school. (teachers are a different story they are supposed to be neutral so the students feel comfortable asking them things)

  • Kids should be able to pry whenever they want to. Even if there in school.

    Many will say that kids are not able to pry in school because it could cause problems but actually they don't want their kids getting distracted. I agree but also think that kids should be able to pray whenever they need to. This is why I think kids should be able to pry in school.

  • Who are we to play god to stop kids from practicing their faith?

    Ok for starters I want to focus on me and my schools community all over the world. I for one am a lasallian student and we practice our faith every single day. The lasallian community has over 800 schools worldwide where we practice our faith. Yes I agree, the ratio of schools which don’t allow kids to practice their faith compared to the number of schools that do practice our faith is greater. But we all are humans aren’t we? Who are we to play god? To refrain kids from practicing their faith in school? Are you trying to say that it is wrong for kids to be in a religion in the first place?

    This leads to another argument. If kids aren’t allowed to practice their faith in school, does it mean that adults can’t practice their faith at their workplace?

    In conclusion, us kids should have the free will to practice our faith whenever and wherever we are. After all, who are we to play god?

  • The question is misleading and flawed.

    No one has every argued that kids should not be allowed to pray in school. So the question itself is idiotic, flawed and misleading.

    Proponents of separation of church and state do NOT advocate for forbidding kids from praying in school. They advocate for forbidding TEACHERS from leading the kids in prayer. Do you want some teacher from some unknown religion deciding how your kids should pray? What if the teacher is Islamic? Hindu? Buddhist? Mormon?

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