• Yes they should be able to

    Students have rights to and if you look at the 4th amendment it prohibits the search of personal property. And locker searches are against the amendment. So the refusal of locker searches strengthens the 4th amendment. So refuse the locker searches every one you have the 4th amendment on your side.

  • Bidding dangoures weapons

    If they are aloud to refuse locker searches then if you have what there looking for then you could say no and they would never know. Then they have no point in looking and they would never catch the person. That is a horrible idea. Millions of people could die from that. Oh just hide it in your locker and you can just refuse they will never find out. Bad idea.

  • Kids should not be able to refuse locker searches.

    Kids are minors, so they have to obey school rules and regulations. If a teacher or administrator has good reason to search student lockers, they are allowed to do so. If the student's parents object, however, they should have more of a voice. Technically, the kid is under the guidance of their parents, and they should be able to make the decisions.

  • No, it is school property.

    No, students should not be able to refuse locker searches, because a school locker is school property. If a student does not have something they should have, like drugs or weapons, it is fair that the school be able to search the space and find it. The school should not be able to search a person, but they should be able to search their own property.

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