Should kids be able to sign up for Facebook regardless of age?

Asked by: BLAHthedebator
  • Why not, are you an elitist?

    This is the same argument that people make for censoring the internet. "Oh some people should be banned, and while we are at it, some content maybe." Whatever the case it does no harm to the children nor to you so stop being pretentious. The whole child predator argument is so dumb. There is no evidence to support the notion that children on preyed on while on Facebook.

  • It can prove to be effective when used properly.

    I believe there shouldn't be any age to sign up for Facebook. Instead,what we can have here is different types of access to certain features/pages/groups to people of different age group.
    Facebook can be used in many positive ways when directed in the correct direction. For example, groups can be made according to school,subjects,classes etc. Which may include the teachers as well as parents. In this way,Topics can be discussed and debated upon,the teacher can share related articles for the students and so on.
    Today,facebook can prove to be a bane or a boon,depending on how you use it.

  • Because thats just not fair

    Because kids deserve to because maybe they want to share there photos with each other or get ahold of them . I know alot of people who hasent seen some one for a while and got back togther on facebook so there.And facebook is really fun too and you can share what you did over the weekend

  • Yes, kids should be able to sign up for facebook.

    I think that kids should be able to sign up for a free facebook account because it gives them time to connect with the world. If one of their relatives is in another location, people as in kids could contact them right away. If kids sign up for facebook, there would be no big deal as long as they use it right. If they use it to argue with other kids, it is illegal and could be retrieved. In my opinion, kids should be able to sign up for facebook.

  • Facebook could make another feature

    Restrictions on Children’s accounts (e.G friend limit, restriction on posts and/or chatting functions…) To allow children to be honest about their age, this would be a better alternative to the facebook age limit as children would feel no need to lie about their age and therefore would be protected better from things such as cyberbullying and scams online, whilst still having access to most key functions of facebook such as chatting, posting things online and playing games while remaining protected until a given age (e.G 13 or 14)

  • Keeps them Connected

    Facebook or any social networking can help build up social skills and keeps you in contact to those you know. Proper precautions could be taken so they wont reveal too much of themselves to the public. Supervision could be necessary for younger people. So yup, good for kids to communicate.

  • +i think so

    I think that they should because it has features that block harmful content if the parents want to and you have the option to only talk to friends and freely delete friends. All these safety precautions eclipse any normal possibility of harm to the child. Moreover Facebook is a nice way for them to hold onto a social life when they are away from their friends and that can really help some people.

  • It helps them learn social skills!

    YES, I know they swear on Facebook. But why would they add teenagers they don't know anyway? They'd only add their friends or parents. Plus, it's a good way to learn social skills, which is crucial.
    But it's not my choice, so it's up to them to decide whether or not they should allow kids to sign up.

  • No way children should be allowed.

    Kids should be kids. They should be playing, not sitting on Facebook. Also they say facebook is a family site but I often see naked women, rude jokes, lots of swearing and even came across ba dead baby that had been dumped the other day. It completely shocked me. Children should not be on this site.

  • They are not ready

    We need to protect kids and keep them safe. Facebook is not safe, there are problems with bullying on Facebook, identity theft, sharing the wrong information and so on.

    Also kids get addicted and put anything and everything on there, they can start and very negative digital footprint. Before they are even old enough to know what a digital footprint is.

  • Most definitely not! Nobody younger than 16!

    Facebook is a social world, that many adults use. Dirty jokes, rude pictures and videos are all too common. Now, I am always up for a laugh, but some of the things that are posted on Facebook these days are absolutely disgusting!! Kids are able to input any search of what they may want too see, i understand we cannot stop them seeing everything that is posted on the internet, but we can stop them seeing and reading things that they do not need to! I believe every child has the right to remain young for as long as possible, we spend roughly 80% of our lives as adults, why change that? Social media can bring pressures along with confusions of growing up. We do not want to worsen the situation by making it easier for any young child to access whatever they see fit.

  • No- this could create serious problems.

    I have a facebook account (I am within the age requirements) and I see so much bullying going on in it . I think that facebook should be a way to connect with family and friends- not a perfect way to cyber-bully your enemies. Anyway, I think that the younger you are, the more likely you are to be bullied or to bully someone else. What would happen if an eight year old got a facebook account? Older kids have fun cyber bullying younger kids (I see it every day) and that eight year old might end up being hurt or influenced in the wrong way (influenced to use drugs or whatever) So no, I don't think facebook should get rid of their age limit.

  • Sexual content (adult)

    Kids should be on the internet giving out false information that is why there is rape in sexual assault. They lie about their age for a person to like them. Then send them off. Then lie to there parents about people such as adults wanting to see them. Why though

  • Kids should definitely not be able to sign up for Facebook regardless to their age. Kids cannot control their limits as well as adults.

    Once online, the facts of reality seems to drive away, and specifically kids seem to loose their sense of realism.
    Moreover, there are so many stories out there where you see that it just goes wrong.
    The reason for this is that kids basically get carried away easier.
    They find it entertaining and exciting.
    Its that simple.
    The excitement of hating on someone, bullying someone or such online is the simples thing ever.
    First, most kids don't feel confident bullying someone face to face, but its all quite simple online, isn't it?
    You type.. But do you feel the reaction or expression or such emotions from the other?
    You don't!
    Many kids could walk up to someone in school say something disrespectful, then afterwards feel guilty due to the others reaction, but its not like that online.
    In addition to that, for safety reasons as well, kids should not be able to sign up for facebook regardless to their age.
    They might give information to people they shouldn't.
    Kids don't think as far as adults, neither do they always think their plans 100% through, nor the consequences.

  • Way too young!

    Facebook's policy, I believe, is a good policy because there are things on Facebook that kids under thirteen do NOT need to see or hear, they'd lose their innocence within a matter of seconds. They need to be 13 or older so if they see something a bit controversial, they would most likely know what it is. Plus, they do not need to see their 2nd cousin twice removed and her melodramatic posts. Think about it, you're a parent, and you see your sisters post of how she got laid off. Is THAT something you'd want your 7 year old to see? Exactly. Facebook is right to have kids wait until thirteen to sign up for Facebook.

  • This is a horrible idea

    If kids are already having problems - as far as peer pressure, bullying, and sexting-, why would you expose them at an even earlier age to something that only mature young people or adults would understand and be able to protect themselves from?????? That is why this is a horrible idea.

  • Facebook can be dangerous for kids

    Do you even know how many pedophiles use the internet to prey on children? Allowing young children to sign up to Facebook would just make this easier for them! Plus, they don't need it. I am sure they will survive just fine talking to their friends at school in person.

  • They are exposed to too much too fast.

    Facebook is like the gateway drug to the Internet. The Internet is addictive, take it from me, I know. It starts off with Facebook and children with wandering curiousities will shift their attention to the little things their friends share. Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube. One of which will expose them to pornography and nudity.

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