• Within certain boundaries.

    I think phones could work in school, but they would have to be
    a) School supplied and
    b) Internet available.
    Now it isn't very practical for a school to supply standard phones across the board, so I think it should be limited to secondary schools. It's true that people can abuse the Internet, but that is where school supplied comes into play. One can limit it when it's connected to a system. I personally think iPads are the best method, particularly with "the Cloud".

  • With certain boundaries.

    I think that you should be allowed to use cell phones when needed, for sure. Like maybe if you need a calculator, just whip out your phone and there you have it. They shouldn't be used all the time, not for things like texting and just playing on Facebook or something.. Although, at my school, we have a wifi system that only allows educational sites, so it'd be hard to do so anyway.

  • Yes they should

    Kids should be able to use phones in school because it is a resource to get information. It helps them do homework because their is internet on smart phones. Also because of the sandy hook elementary shooting. It could have helped many of kids survive or to record their amazing voice.

  • They'll Do It Anyway

    When it comes to using phones in school, regardless of rules set in place, students will continue to be on their phones, they will just continue to get increasingly sneakier. Being a high school student who transferred schools, I understand the difference between a school who prohibits phones as well a a school who allows them. Students tend to pay even less attention when it comes to a school that has a ban on cellphone usage because not only are they focusing on the test, they are also focusing on keeping the fact that they are using their phones hidden. It's much more distracting to not only text, but also having to hide their actions than simply allowing the student the use of cellphones in class.

  • They should use phones

    Phones should be allowed in school because phones have access to the Internet. They can look up information if they need help with their homework. Also, in case of an emergency, they can call their parents and emergency contacts in case there is a medical atetion that is needed to be intended to.

  • Phones rule the world so stop fighting them and join their side

    Some schools who allow phones to be used in the classroom want to ban it but I disagree, I mean like we didn't ban pens and pencils in the classroom because students were passing notes like come on. Phones can even be used as learning tools so if people want to ban students from using them in class then I think they should actually read this debate.

  • It would be helpful

    Because kids need more than playing outside, they need to share there social life like if they need to share something important with one of there best friends because kids need to feel safe around other kids and people so they can become famous someday and they can get a job.

  • Cell phones in class

    I personally think cell phones would help kids, because it helps contact parents, it helps teach responsibility,helps prepare the students for a real world job, and honestly it is the students fault if they get the bad grades. But i do understand that phones may be distracting in school, and may get bad grades but like i said it is the students fault and responsibility to get good grades and pay attention so they can do good in the real world

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  • Because I said so

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  • Phone's Aren't Necessary

    A phone is not necessary. If we were to argue that it is a valuable source of data, then I'd say that a tablet or computer would be the necessary tool. A phone is the primary method of communication, something a child does not need in school. Various schools today already do have computers and many are accepting personal computers and tablets. Which begs the question, why a phone? Portability? Accessibility? Nothing a child needs in school. If they wish to bring one, they can keep it off and after hours they can access it, but not during.

  • I don't really think so

    I understand the needs or practicality of having a phones for school times, but it is not necessary. Kids could easily bypass simple security, and go onto educational sights. Also, people could become disappointed and scared when they DONT have a phone. When everybody takes out their phone in the middle of class, they might be embarrassed to ask for a calculator and therefore they don't get the tools that they need.

  • I think smart phones

    Create a distraction to students while teachers are teaching. Also, kids could cheat. Plus, cyber bullying could be enhanced at school which could ruin the school's reputation. Another example, is phones are often lost or stolen. Lastly, kids can get their phones taken away and really not worth it. Therefore, I think smart phones should not be allowed in school.

  • They aren't necessary

    Phone's in school isn't necessary so they shouldn't be used. At my school students text each other during class and don't get work done. Phone are an unnecessary distraction and aren't needed in school. However students should be allowed phones at school. They just shouldn't be allowed during class time.

  • Completely unnecessary distractions.

    (1) Cell phones are a distraction in class, to both students and the teachers attempting to actually educate.
    (2) Cell phones make it ludicrously easy to cheat.
    (3) There is no educational value to a cell phone. Any ability to look up information could just as easily be performed on the school's computers, without providing students access to texting, YouTube, Facebook, and the hundreds of other games and apps they use to ignore their teachers.
    (4) In emergency situations, cell phones can actually make the situation worse. You get panicked parents rushing to the school, clogging up emergency lanes so responders can't get through. You also get hundreds of kids yammering on their cell phones rather than paying attention to any evacuation or emergency information.
    (5) Unequal distribution. Not every kid can afford a smart phone (or rather, their parents don't all spoil them with smart phones). As such, claiming it should be used in class as an educational tool leaves any kid without one in the cold.

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