Should kids be able to use tablets/iPads in school for educational purposes?

Asked by: BossKid2402
  • Kids are getting smarter

    Kids should be able to. Kids have the learning opportunity to use technology instead of listening to a teacher talk for 7 hours. It should only be used for educational purposes and not gaming purposes so why listen to a teacher when you can use a tablet to learn more

  • Yes they should.

    The technology helps the kids learn more efficiently. I have volunteered to work at a kindergarten and the tablets help the kids learn math. Through a certain program they can get infinite problems and keep learning. The teacher does not need to go make 50 papers for the kids if they can use a tablet.

  • Kids be able to use tablets

    As they all have to become aware of the present day technology sooner or later ,we should make them get aware of this from the beginning ..They also like this as a fun.When they grow they will be going to get experienced in using the technology and be able to well in future ......Hope it serves the purpose.

  • Students should have tablets in school

    The reason we should is in middle school we carry around a lot of heavy books textbooks and papers. If we have a electronic to do our work i would be more effective because it is in a better way that holding you papers. Tablets could benefit the teachers as well because the would be able to correct papers and give it to the students through online

  • The Internet isn't even a Problem

    There are amny great filters that can be used to prevent students from wasting time on social media or youtube. At my school everyone has an ipad that can only be used for educational purposes. The way my school did this is that they installed a internet blocking program, we use Barracuda, into the server. It gives them daily reports of all of the websites students have been looking at and allows them to turn off any catagory of websites or even specific websites for the district as a whole or for the individual. Different websites can only work during certain times of the day and the same program is integrated into the ipads so even when the ipad is taken home the ipad is still being monitored. The server at the school makes it so that even if a student brings their own device it will still be blocked. This makes for a very useful system that keeps students on track and focused to make the most out of technology without the downfalls.

  • We need ipads

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    As you know people with tablets play on it but it will help them with their learning like me I'm just researching my homework. So it will help a lot if you ran out of ideas. Everyone should have a chance to bring a tablet. You will never know if they are responsible. It would be easier if you haven't have too many textbooks in your hand

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  • Great for Tech Companies; Not Great for Kids

    Providing kids with electronics for school seems like a great way to get kids addicted to apps and to rely on technology from a young age. More time on devices and less time playing and interacting with others, Or being bored and motivated to create something on their own, Or just daydreaming, Is NOT good for kids. It negatively impacts social skills, Increases anxiety, And leads to more sedentary behavior.

    Kids are smart and they will easily learn what they need to technologically when they actually need to use it. Small amounts of exposure at school are one thing, And I don't have a problem with that. One device for each student is completely unnecessary.

    I also take issue with the term "educational" when it comes to iPad apps. . . Some of the games marketed as math or programming "education" are just games that are loosely based on the concepts they claim to teach. They don't actually teach or reinforce the concepts in a any real-world way.

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  • IPads also can get viruses and be very vulnerable to unsafe websites.

    IPads can pick up viruses very quickly if your not careful. For example, a 10 year old 5th grader kid goes to safari to look for info for a paper or project and looks at a website that is unsafe, but he or she does not know that it it unsafe and most likely will get a virus by whatching a fake video or any other thing and get a virus. They can get their iPad ruined because most viruses get past the iPad's security system and re writes the data and screws it up forever

  • Tablets are assorted with many health problems and can ruin your grades

    It has been proven that tablets put 60 pounds of pressure on your spine which ruins your posture as well as it puts a strain on your eyes which in turns ruins your sight. They also give you head aches. In a recent survey gcse proved that any 14 year old who spends even an hour on an electronic will end up dropping the grade by a whole two letters from a to c.

  • For Educational Use Only

    I am a senior in high school and this is our 3rd year having MacBooks for the students. 6th-12th grade get to use MacBooks and take them home with them. Elementary students get to use iPads in the classroom but they have to stay at school. For school purposes I find a lot of things easier to do on my MacBook such as: writing papers, researching, taking notes. Other than that these things are pretty pointless. Students get in trouble all the time for looking at things they shouldn't be or doing things they aren't suppose to. Elementary students might have it a little better because they are younger and don't know all those things BUT my younger siblings (7 and 8) have tablets. I find it absolutely ridiculous. They barely finish their homework and then automatically go and play minecraft until they go to bed. I can honestly say that my siblings have looked up things they aren't suppose to before. They did have serious consequences for it but they still got their tablets back. I don't think they should have. I don't think they should have them at all. That is all they do in their free time and they just aren't being normal kids.

  • Electronics can die.

    If a kid uses their iPad for all books and papers, they will fail. Electronics need to be charged. If a kid's iPad dies in class, they are out of luck. Has your textbook ever died? You also need to save papers and remember usernames and passwords online. You don't need to save a paper, and you don't need a password for your textbook.

  • Well, that will make matters worse

    As much as I hate to admit, I'm a huge gadget/internet freak. Therefore, I'm very much aware of the consequences that might follow if kids were allowed to carry phones/ tabs to school. My cons begin:

    1. INTERNET: If gadgets are permitted, they'd most probably be intended for educational purposes. But, as soon as there's even a single bar of WiFi, students would flock to their Face book inbox, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, the list is endless.

    2. Even there's no internet, judging by the 21st century, students are pretty much addicted to their gadgets. So psychologically, they would still re-check their phones several times during boring lectures.

    3. Have you ever seen your niece's pictures on Face book with the school premises acting as a ground? Well, that makes another of my con. CAMERA. SELFIES. ENOUGH SAID.

    I guess that's just enough for now.

  • Where's the evidence that this is a good policy?

    They've tried this expensive program in numerous American school districts, and the results are pretty evenly disastrous: kids looking at porn, iPads getting lost or stolen, kids playing games instead of doing work. On Google you can find an 8th grade proficiency test from about a hundred years ago, when kids sat in non-air conditioned one-room schoolhouses and were lucky to have a book or a slab or slate and a piece of chalk to share. 8th graders back then were much more proficient in reading and math than many graduate students today. We should be looking at what works in education instead of getting swayed by every latest flashy fad and gizmo.

    One question: if you support your school district's contract with Apple to get all the kids iPads and you're willing to have your tax dollars pay for it, what contingency plan do you have in place with Apple in the event that things don't work out?

  • Schools throw technology at problems to try to fix them.

    A repeating trend in schools today is the belief that throwing technology at a problem can fix it. Recently a local school has given all 9th-11th graders laptops for use in school and at home. There are so many filters and restrictions on these computers they are very sluggish. All the students pass around copies of pirated games old enough for the system to run, they will play them in class completely disregarding and disrespecting the teacher. I fear tablets would be similar.

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