• Teaches to be thankful for food

    All food does not come plastic wrapped in a carton. People have to raise those animals on a farm. When the animals are raised on the farm they are not treated correctly. At least when you hunt the animal it was not caged up and then killed. It got to live a long free life. In the woods. By the way I am 12

  • Of course they should

    When surrounded by wildlife, children realize there is so much more in life than just themselves. Hunting is not all about killing, it is the experience of getting excited to sneak into the blind, watching the squirrels and birds and truly learning respect for the animals they hunt. There are countless studies that prove hunting and being outdoors encourages self reliance, responsibility, food cycle, patience, imagination, exercise, parent child bonding and a regard for the environment.

  • It is fun and a good experience

    I would help kids bond more with their mothers or fathers. Ever since I was little I always wanted to hunt and go in back roads and bond more with my dad. And I think kids should go threw training and if their lower then a eighty four should be not able to hunt and have to retake the test.

  • Kids should hunt.

    As a youth who does hunt, I'm 13, hunting isn't bad. If you say it ruins lives, it doesn't. The animals have been properly been arranged to where more animal are having babies where you can't see them. If you say that this teaches that killing is fun, you are way wrong. It teaches children the way of life and how they can provide for people by doing this.

  • Because it teaches them respect paitence and how to be calm

    Golf is actullay more dangerous than hunting so fuck off u ass hats or i will hunt u down myself with a 20 guage hunting provides meat and much more so why cant kids try to help suport there family it makes them much paitent gfor what they want in life and most hunters are verry responsible people

  • Kids need something to do besides going to school and study and read that gets boring fast kids that are responsible should have a good

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  • Teaches them important life skills

    When the world goes down the skill needed to survive is the kill and know what meat is okay to eat. Plus the may also learn how to identify dangerous plants and animals so, they know to avoid them at all cost. Also it provides bonding time with a family member.

  • Kid are leagally alloud

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  • Teaching to kill?!

    Listen, I AM a kid and I think kids hunting (especially for sport) is awful. There is meat at the store! You are just destroying an innocent wonderful majestic life. In case you don't know, deer and other game animals have feelings and personalities. Also, that would be teaching kids that 1. Killing is fun, 2. That humans have the right to mindlessly kill. Niether kids or adlults sould hunt.

  • Only adults should

    Although some families may consider taking their children hunting a tradition, there should some guidelines set down regarding the handling of weapons, and it is important that only licensed adults handle them. Putting these things in the hands of a child, too mentally incapable of even understanding the death they are causing, is dangerous.

  • Anyone human being under the age of 18 shouldn't be allowed to hunt.

    Not only are kids taught how to kill when hunting, they are also taught that it is perfectly fine to rob a living a creature of its consciousness. There is also both statistical and physical proof that hunting can cause kids to commit horrific acts of violence(i.E. School shootings, public shootings, animal abuse).

  • Hunting is dangerous

    Hunting can be very dangerous in many ways. Hunting can cause kids wanting to kill people. T h i s i s v e r y b a d d d d ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Kids Should Not Be Able To Participate in Hunting

    Kids are young and innocent, and may not know the proper rules to hunting, and what is acceptable and what is not. The violence and gory in hunting may also set a bad influence on the child at such a young and tender age. Kids who start young may also accidentally injure another person when they try to learn how to handle a weapon properly, especially since their minds aren't quite developed enough to follow or remember instructions.

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