• Kids Should Be Allowed In Resturants

    Kids need to be able to have fun with their families. They can't controll their age. If a kid is misbehaiving, talk to the family individualy instead of punishing all kids instead of just one. This is the reason I think kids should be allowed in all types of resturaunts.

  • Why wouldn't kids be allowed in restaurants?

    Not allowing kids in a restaurant would be a very bad
    business decision. Many potential
    customers would be offended by such a stupid rule. As long as children are well-behaved, there
    shouldn’t be much of a problem.
    Restaurants should learn to respect all of their customers if they want
    to remain open.

  • Yes, they should.

    Kids should be allowed to eat in restaurants. Personally, I would not want to go to a restaurant where a child is not allowed because I am close to friends with children, or have family members with young kids. Going out to eat is a fun experience that gives great food for the whole family, it would be unfair and hurt buisness.

  • The type of Restaurant should be taken into consideration when it comes to children

    I am all for children eating at restaurants, however, what is REALLY important here, is the TYPE of restaurant. A Chucky Cheese, McDonald's or a diner is fine, but when you are talking about fine dining (like let's say, $100.00 a plate), maybe children are not such a good idea. One would go to a fancy restaurant not only for the food, but for the ambiance. There is no ambiance when there is screaming, tantrums, and poopy diapers to deal with. I recently took my adult son out for his birthday with several of his friends. We were placed at a lovely table, but also had a table of 10 seven to ten year olds screaming, throwing food , knocking chairs over and making it hard and dangerous for the servers to do what they needed to do. The parents turned a deaf ear to the din as they were sitting at another table. This was a fine dining restaurant. My bill was over $700.00 dollars. For me to pay $700.00 and to have screaming kids next to us was a very unfair thing. If we allow this kind of behavior, why don't we allow screaming children in churches while the bride and groom are SHOUTING their vows to one another? How about letting 10 kids run wild in a hospital wing with sick elderly patients? What's the difference? These parents who feel that their uncontrollable kids have the "right" to be in these places unchecked are the same parents that probably supply their kids with therapy cats in college when things get to difficult. Enough is enough. Keep litle ones at home or at a casual restaurant and leave them home with Grandma when going for fine dining. They would probably be happier if you did.

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