Should kids be allowed to bring phones to school?

  • Stranger Danger at school

    If there are bad people, They will come at you and they will try getting you. If you have a phone you can call the good cops and arrest the bad person, But if you don't have a phone you can't. So um yeah that it just using some word space up.

  • Students should bring there phone

    It just makes more scence and everyone has a phone and you don't wanna be that one kid without a phone so that's why and theres a kid crying in my clas again haha haa aha ha ha aha aha a ha a a ha a lolv l ol ol

  • Kids should be allowed to bring phones to school

    Kids should be allowed to bring their phones to school if an emergency happened before after school when there not home, It could be a big problem and kids can just put their phones on silent or they could turn it off completely when their on the bus or careened they can check in the fishily that it is off before they go into school and teachers should remind their class to make sure their phones are off or just put on silent.

  • What if there is an EMERGENCY?

    So. Maybe there is a lock down at school. You can't talk, or move to be honest, but if you have your phone with you (Ringer off, Brightness down) you can shoot your parents a text! E-A-S-Y-! Yes, Many people say its a distraction, That doesn't matter though! Might be Emergency or maybe you missed your bus! You might have to contact your parents for some reason!

  • Yes because a kid should have the chance to calm down during a stressful day at school

    Kids should have a phone at the age of eleven so why can't they bring a phone to school. It can also benefit the parents. You ask how well the child will not have to ask for help much and some people think typing is better than writing so let them type on there phone.

  • Say yes to cell phones

    If kids brought cell phones to school the school really wouldn't have to pay for internet, the kids could just use their data plan. Kids could use it for help on homework such as calculator app and notes to store important notes. Lastly if kids brought their cell phones to school they could make private and emergency calls in case of a power outage the phones in the schools office wouldn't work and if there is an emergency at home, you can make a private phone call

  • Kids should have fun

    Sometimes kids want to listen to music and that is why they should be able to bring their cell phones to school. Also if they don't have anything to do at lunch they can play school games so I say yes cause I think kids should have fun and learn the fun way!

  • Yes the should take phones

    They should take phones because if there is an emergency you can track there phone or the can call you when they are home. This is why kids should take phones to school. Also if there is no light you can call your kid. Phones are good for kids and for safety.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    The majority of people debating (75%) feel that children should have their phones in class. This is because in class, they might need their phones to help themselves with something they get stuck on e.g. a tricky question in mathematics. At school there are lots of hazards that children could trip up on and badly hurt themselves. They would need to use their phones to inform someone; this is another reason why children should be allowed phones at school. The third reason is because at the end of the day a child might go to a sports tournament. They would have to notify their parent/carer about what time to collect themselves. This is what the majority think of the debate.

  • Of course !!!!!

    Kids need their phones to survive in this big world and so they can just call and chat with friends. It makes our lives easier! If we forget stuff we can call our parents to bring it to us. Or just for games, we need to have fun, too !!!

  • They don't need them

    Kids have enough things at school to distract them without phones, objects that effectively distract adults from what they should be doing daily. There's no justified purpose to having one in school, emergencies can be handled by the staff contacting the kids in their classrooms so there goes the only reasonable argument kids may have.

  • Don’t let kids think they have the advantage to do whatever they want in school! They already do that at home!

    At home, Kids already do basically whatever they want. At school, That is when they get off there electronics and LEARN SOMETHING! Learning something does not mean looking it up on your phone! It means to talk to someone about it! HAVE EYE CONTACT! I know school is really boring ( believe me, I am a student) but it helps us with life! Thank you!

  • Should boys and girls use phones during school time

    I understand that you may jump on the wagin and say "kids will play on there phone, They'll only call and text for fun, There eyes will get bad, They'll get stollen. " But what if there was an attack then they can talk with others. What if there was a bully that got you stuck in a closet. You can talk to your friend and get out. Secondly buy a phone you can only call and search. What if you forgot your work at home! You can talk and get your work. Read the other comments there are many ways to argu but don't jump on the safe boat all the time.

  • The jealousy of other students and keeping their phones safe.

    If your catching the bus back home from school, five girls are playing on their cellphones and one girl doesn't have a phone. Other kids can get jealous of the other students that are more fortunate then them and actually have phones. If students didn't bring phones to school everyone would be equal and no one would feel left out.
    At a young age, kids don't actually know how much of a responsibility it is to have a cellphone. If kids didn't bring their phones to school it would be one less thing to take care of and they are reducing the chance that they lose the phone.

  • Don't even think about it.

    My classmates get distracted with Snapchat and Instagram. Instead of listening and learning, they look at their phones and talk with their friends. It can also distract fellow class mates and students. I sit next to somebody that does Snapchat and it distracts people like me and people around that person.

  • Think of feelings!

    Kids can't just bring a phone to school! What about those kids who don't own their own phone. They may be offended that their friends have what they don't have. The might feel left out of all this electronic stuff and feel the need to cry. I remember my daughter in school she came home crying to have one.

  • No we shouldn't!

    Think about it. If kids have their phones at school, they would be more focused in texting a friend then actual school work. They wouldn't be doing the work on paper. They would just be getting the answer their phones not their answer, they would be getting their phones answer!

  • You Are Cheating

    You can cheat do you want to get caught to cheat and are you playing games in class i guess you are so guys you should not bring a phone and you are going to have a lot of phone calls coming to you and you don't want that happening so that's why you should not bring it

  • So when people are trying to study there phone does not make noise during class

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  • They cause distraction during school and they can use it to cheat during school and homework.

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