Should kids be allowed to drive at the age of 13?

  • No, kids should not be allowed to drive at the age of 13.

    No, kids should not be allowed to drive at the age of 13. 13 year old kids don't have the mental capabilities to make the quick decisions that are required when in heavy traffic. 13 year old kids can barely tie their own shoes, let alone drive a vehicle. If this law passed traffic collisions would skyrocket.

  • I want adventure

    Kids should be able to drive because it would help their parents and they can go anywhere without asking for help. If I really wanted to go to the mall with my friends and I don't have a ride, I am out of luck. I think it would also be cool for kids to drive without having to be with an adult.

  • Kids should drive

    Kids should drive because they can help their mom ( which cant drive ) and they can learn faster than older people and also can work in taxi or ouber which will get them more money but the problem is the license it can be expensive or could be been taken at the age of 13 but for leaning it will take 3 years and also provide a lot of money by using taxi and ouber, in my opinion, every kid should drive .

  • It could help familes

    My mother taught me how to drive at the age of 8 because if anything would have happened to them and they weren't able to drive then there is me and ready to help my mother out. It is also because my mother also had a heart attack and I was so lucky that she taught me how to drive because I helped her and saved her life.

  • It could help familes

    My mother taught me how to drive at the age of 8 because if anything would have happened to them and they weren't able to drive then there is me and ready to help my mother out. It is also because my mother also had a heart attack and I was so lucky that she taught me how to drive because I helped her and saved her life.

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  • Kids should only be 14 to drive

    When kids get to the age of 14 they should start being more responsible. Driving is a good way for kids to learn responsibility and safety and driving is a good way for kids to become more independent .Many people around the age 14 have the skill to drive but they never have the chance to

  • Definately it would be great!

    Not only would it give the parents more time on their hands it would let the child of 13 or over be more free and capable and definately be able to cope better as an adult having learnt how already! I fully support this idea and I say the sooner the better

  • I am a farmer and like to drive the equpment

    If i could drive my dads truck i could be a big help on the farm i have a lot of time behind the wheel of a tracker and we will save muney by berning less gas and it is a good way to get some frends off the computer and on the road.

  • Some not allot of kids

    Kids can learn fast by driving in such young ages some might use the mirror as they are and I know that some kids are tall and some small but they can move the seat up and down fowrord or backwards
    For the mean time kids can drive smaller cars like the smart car.

  • Teens shouldn't be allowed to drive!

    This subject has been speculated on for a while but i think that teens should NOT be allowed to drive. Think to yourself, is your teen mature enough to make crash threatening decisions? Yes, it does give them a sense of freedom and responsibility, but at what cost? How long will it be until your teen is in a fatal crash? When and how will they use the freedom and will they lose their sense of responsibility to hanging out with friends on a joyride? Your child might say that they know how to drive or that they'll have to learn anyways, but ARE they ready? Although i am against the idea of teen driving, if a law that teens are allowed to drive passes then the teens should have to pass a driving test just like everyone else. With a grade of a b or higher to decrease the chances of a fatal crash. Even if your teen passes a driving test think of this, whos car will they use? Certainly now yours, right? It has been tested and proved that young inexperienced drivers have a higher crash rate compared to the more experienced drivers.

  • Kids Shouldn't Be Able to drive at 13!

    I think kids shouldn't be able to drive at 13, except if its in an empty parking lot or around a quiet neighbor hood, but they shouldn't be left with a car on the streets. Kids haven't unlocked the skill to think fast, or make fast reactions, and they have a more chance to be more wreckless than adults. And teen death rates are at a high right now, some from drunk driving to texting and driving, they lack the capability to be as responsible as an adult would, so unless its for practice, kids shouldn't be behind the wheel unless an adult it present in the car.

  • It's to dangerous!

    Having 16 year olds driving is enough danger. Alot of things play into being able to drive. You need to be responsible and you got to be a safe driver. 16 years old they are still crashing. 13 years old will just add to the number of injuries in car crashes.

  • No child should drive at 13

    If you think about it, so many things could go wrong. More drivers=more accidents. Gas prices would skyrocket because of the increase in drivers. Parents would have to pay even more taxes. If people could drive at 13, the world would go mad! It would be absolutely horrible if people drive at the age of 13.

  • No. 13 is too young to take the wheel.

    No. A person at the age of 13 would rarely be able to understand the responsibility of getting behind the wheel of an automobile. There are enough issues today with drivers at the age of 16 having horrific car accidents, and I think allowing a 13 year old to take the wheel of a moving vehicle would be irresponsible.

  • They are not mature enough to drive

    If there were middle-schoolers driving all the time, the next thing we know they will be blasting fart noises out of their speakers and racing on the streets. I don't think they are responsible enough to drive. Heck, I don't think all 16-year-olds are ready to drive. I mean, the urge to race their friends to be "cool" would overtake their judgement and the next thing I know there will be a car in my house.

  • NOOOOOO they should not

    No they shouldn't if there not mature enough with small things how can they be mature enough for the big things otherwise NOOOOO dont drive when your only 13. Teens will think driving is a game and wouldn't take it seriously. They are not responsible enough and would get hurt. They are known to be on their phone so you can only imagine what they would do in the car. They will think they can go anywhere anytime they want.

  • NO NO No

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  • This is just simple logic.

    Its obvious children shouldn't drive. Personally I think this survey is completely pointless and idiotic. Those who said yes to this survey need to rethink their lives and ethics. Those who said yes are children who didn't think their answer through whatsoever. It isn't that hard to decide on these simple topics.

  • We have not got the money to teach them how to drive at 13

    Kids can only start at 16 years old to as to learn how to drive a motor car.
    To say that learning before 16 stops them getting into accidents because they was pre trained still costs money, parents have not got time either, and most feel they should learn like they did the hard way and will not give the children a hand because they never did.
    I guess one day it may will be taught at scholl. But funded by the education system.
    Cars are complex since eeybody has one but nobody has one, and can't past the test.
    Yes I guess they will never teach children at school to drive cars because they do not today, how can anything change?
    It canot can it, when they do teach them it will be hypothetical because it is in the future, and the future has not arrived yet. It will just replace another education that has expired when it arrives, that is all because the expired education is no longer with us. So no neve and they never will they will be 16 17 years old always. It will never happen. Because when it does arrive it was to late in the day, and the environment had been conditioned for the new change so they was as good as 16 or 17 year old.

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