Should kids be allowed to listen to artists like T.I. and Lil Wayne?

Asked by: queenloveless
  • Teach The Entertainment Value

    I do not have a problem with letting my child listen to music from artists like T.I. and Lil Wayne. I feel it is far more important for me to teach my child the entertainment value of music, rather than withhold certain genres for him. In doing this, I think he'll identify with music and enjoy it, but not necessarily see it as anything other than entertainment.

  • At parents discretion

    Children should be allowed to listen to popular music, but ultimately the decision should be left to the parents of each child. Pop culture is in no way inherently evil, but, like so many things today, consuming it without context or understanding could be detrimental, depedning on the situation and child.

  • Yes the artists themselves are not bad

    You should not prevent kids from being able to listen to certain artists. However you should prevent them from listening to certain songs. If TI or Lil Wayne want their songs heard by kids they should make sure they are appropriate. If they are not then they should be restricted, but it should be on a per song/album basis

  • Kids can Listen to T.I. and Lil Wayne

    Most kids can listen to T.I. and Lill Wayne, realizing that these rappers are spewing mostly nonsense. The average child isn't affected by violent lyrics or even violent video games, so they should be allowed to listen to rappers. However, parents need to judge the situation for themselves and consider their child before allowing such a thing.

  • Teach kids that words matter!

    I hope everyone posting here has read the explicit version of the lyrics, because they are so easy for kids to get access to. Kids love to quote song lyrics to each other, in texts, etc. "Lick me like a lollipop" might not convey any sexual meaning to younger/more naive kids, but it will to some and certainly to adults, and could land a kid in serious trouble. Also, Lil Wayne says he didn't write for kids and they shouldn't be listening. I don't believe in restricting an entire genre. Redirect kids toward more positive messages. The words that flow through their developing brains do shape their lives, whether or not they are paying direct attention.

  • Parents take responsibility

    Parents need to take responsibility for what their children listen to and explain that the lifestyles promoted in the lyrics of artists like these are not appropriate for society. It's okay to listen to these artists as escapism, as they are, after all, artists, but a clear distinction between fantasy and reality is difficult for children to distinguish.

  • No, they are detrimental.

    No, kids should not be allowed to listen to artists like T.I. and Lil Wayne, because they are a negative influence on children. Children do not know how to determine what is real culture and what is not. They do not have enough life experience. So the children are negatively influenced by things they do not know are a caricature of culture.

  • Music has great influence on kids

    I don't think that kids should be allowed to listen to music artist like T.I or Lil wayne simply because many reasons. First of all the music that they make includes everything from adult content as well as foul language. Some things said by these artist becomes slogan for some kids and could lead them to different path then they should be at at that age.

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