Should kids be allowed to listen to music during class?

  • The key is ear buds

    If you have ear buds then you can listen to your own genre of music which can be very peaceful to the one listening to their own music. Others would probably say that what if the teacher is talking and you can't here her. Then all she has to do is tap you on the shoulder and you will be able to pay attention.

  • Consintration in class

    Music maybe a distraction from time to time, but personally, music alowes me to ignore all other distractions. Listening to classical music keeps me focused and helps me remember things. Different kinds of music motivate me, hard rock for work out, classic for class and gentle slow songs for relaxing.

  • It helps with not having as many distractions

    Think of all the noises that happen during class. Well then you could zone out all of those noises with music. And music helps calm people in general down. You get to pick the type of music and be able to drown out all of the noise in the classroom.

  • Kids should have fun in class too

    I think people should be able to listen to music when working and when finished with all their work they can have free time on a phone or any other devices as long as it's school appropriate. Statistics show that 79% of students/workers listen to music while they're doing their work so that they can improve the productivity by keeping them focused on their work. This could be a breakthrough in education a positive step into the future and aid to many. We should be allowed to listen to music with minor limitations during school to keep us focused. Then when finished with all of their work they should be able to have free time. It has been proven that music can help people focus and help their mood. Some studies show that music enhances our performans Kids who are in bad moods can listen to music to help them keep their minds off of what's bringing them down and to lighten up their mood and after doing their work they can have free time and go on there phone or any other device as long as it's school appropriate.

  • Yes they sould eat chicken oh wait

    Some people may find that listening to music distracts them from concentrating but for some people it helps them with focusing, memorizing, and keeping on task. Many people say that music takes stress off their mind by focusing on something else, such as work. Music has been shown to help kids with ADD/ADHD to concentrate better on the work that is in front of them and keeping their minds off distractions.

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  • It lets me ignore my teacher

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  • How could they focus

    The ear buds make it difficult to hear which would make for major distractions and the kids wearing ear buds would also miss important information because they couldn't hear. If you play low level music out loud, it would be a distraction for the kids who can't focus well, and with the diverse cultures all across the country it would be hard to find a genre that everyone would like.

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