Should kids be allowed to run for public office?

Asked by: Bolso18
  • Fuck it I love it.

    You know what is done I am just doing this because I have nothing else to do I am just posting this for the fun of it. Plus, I have a debate on this tomorrow, so please give me some points on this topic because it is extremely hard so please help me!!

  • 4th grade and up yes

    Yes kids are a little more mature than in the 50s. I think yes i know thousands of people will disagree but yea i think kids should be president. I mean waiting until 35 is stupid, and the mind is fully develped at age 25. And most 4th graders start puberty and end puberty at age 17. So yes kids should run for president.

  • Yesssss they should

    I think that SOME kids (teens) are looked down at because of they're age. I do agree some children can be a little bit immature. But, there are still kids that learn early the importance of government and the people inside it... Thus , I believe some kids should be able to run for public office.

  • No, what kind of question is that???

    Ha ha, why?
    1. The republicans and democrats will probably not ask a 12 year old to represent them.
    2. No one would vote for someone who can't vote themselves! If you can't vote because you wouldn't know what you're doing, I wouldn't want you watching over America
    3. I can see putting the age one could run for president at 18, but the definition of a kid is someone under 18...

  • They shouldn't be allowed to run. . .

    Kids shouldn't be allowed to run for any government office whether it's state representative or president of the country. They aren't capable enough to run because their brains aren't fully developed. They also don't have basic rights, Like voting, So how can they run or even help run a country.

  • No way ever

    It is unlikely that they would be capable of understanding the importance of their role. If they could, they would either be easily influenced by the few people that advise them, or would make horrible mistakes overlooking certain tasks that require detail. It would be a nice gesture, possibly, but there would be no way that they would honestly fulfill the task set before them

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