• Skateboards rock yeah

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  • All kids should be allowed to skateboard anywhere

    Kids should be able to skateboard anywhere because it is a great sport,
    it gives something to work on. And it gets the parents a break. Plus it gives kids fun and it will make them happy. Don't you want to see your
    kids happy cause that is what i would want to see.

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  • Fun and exersize

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  • Skateboarding has many benefits

    Skateboarding helps you because it is good for your health... It helps your hand-eye coordination. Also while riding a skateboard, you are more self aware of you surroundings. Stop being lazy and enjoy the outdoors by doing something active. A good idea of being active is skateboarding. Reports says 1 out of 5 people in 2025 will become obese. Obviously, no one wants that to happen to them so join the 1000 today who get active and enjoys the outdoors. I can simply guarantee you that skateboarding will benefit you life a lot.

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  • Kids should be allowed to skateboard

    Its a way of freedom. Would u rather your child walking on the side of the steet or riding a skateboard. It's faster. It's safer. If your child does not want to play a team sport skateboard is a sport so why can't kids play that sport? Is it dangerous? Football is dangerous! Is it scare? Surfing is scary! It gives the kids to much freedom? A bike does the same thing. So tell me something why can't kids ride skateboards?

  • This is a ridiculous question

    Of course kids should be allowed to skateboard. Not only is it a great sport but it is good exercise which many kids wouldn't otherwise get. It's also a great way of socializing and meeting new people. You may think there is too high a risk of injury but I really don't think it's more risky than most other sports.

  • Yes, of course they should

    Of course kids should be allowed to skateboard, it is a free country. Sure, there is a potential for injury as well as destructin of property, but that goes for other athletic activities as well. Kids today aren't active enough, we can see this with the obesity problem. We shouldn't stop the ones who want to skateboard just because we don't like it.

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