Should kids be allowed to take lessons to play any musical instrument they like?

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  • Music is Amazing

    Learning music is like learning a second language. If they want to learn how to play an instrument, let them. In band when all the different instruments come together to make a song, it just sounds amazing. In my band class we have this really cool song called Creature Feature. When the Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion all come together, it just makes magic.

  • Sure, why not?

    If kids want to play a musical instrument, they certainly should be allowed and encouraged to do so. Learning to play music is very beneficial for their development. However, if kids grow disillusioned and decide to quit taking those lessons, they should be allowed to do so as well. There is no point in forcing them to continue.

  • If That's What They Want

    I believe it is best not to hinder children's curiosity. If a child wishes to take lessons with a particular instrument of their choosing then I believe that is the best instrument for them to learn. I do not see a reason to override a child's preference of instrument and replace it with another's preference.

  • No, they shouldn't

    People now at days (mostly kids)think they are better than other people just because they know how to do things other people don't. Besides, they can start to brag that they are better because of practice and talent. Plus they forget to be humble and if we ignore this problem more people like Justin Beiber will exist

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