• Yes they should

    They have the right to, it's not bad for the health and will not lead to cancer, all they need is suncream. Any one's got the right to tan, it's actually very good for the health as a matter of fact. What a silly suggestion saying kids should not be allowed to tan.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Allowing kids to tan in a tanning bed is practically as bad as allowing kids to smoke. Both habits are terrible for your skin and your health and both habits lead to cancer. Tanning can also cause painful sunburn and short term problems. The age someone can decide if they want to tan in a bed should be regulated.

  • Kids should not be allowed to tan.

    Letting a kid tan is such a ridiculous thing to let them do. If they want to get darker skin then let them go outside while playing, but they shouldn't be laying there trying to get darker. Kids shouldn't be worrying about tans anyways, they are too young to be doing something like that. They need to be out there hanging out with friends and having fun, enjoying their youth.

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