Should kids be allowed to vote in elections?

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  • What is the Point

    If you know anything about how the president is elected this shouldn't matter, only 538 votes count so it does not matter if kids are allowed to waste their time at polling booths just like every election day the majority of the country does, your vote only counts if we have a tie in the electoral college and a tie in the house of Representatives, in any other conditions than the presidency the kids should not be allowed to vote

  • Kids Have Rights As Well

    If kids namely the next generation like myself are the future then why don't we have the ability to vote. As I stated in an earlier post stupid decisions were made by adults why don't kids get to vote if everyone else does America was built on the foundation that EVERYONE is created equal so why isn't that the case otherwise we are all liars. Really I want a say in my world once again thank you for your time.

  • Kids should Vote

    Kids are sometimes better decision makers than adults. I think if kids or maybe teens were given more privileges they could help turn government around. And I believe that kid voting should be the same as adults if they have a criminal record they shouldn't be able to vote. And really it's not like were letting kids run for president or any other government position. And really some of the no wait most of the dumbest things ever to happen were let happen by who adults. And here's who wrote this a 12 year old that's right I spent my time to help get everyone better rights. So thank you for your time.

  • Teenagers should vote

    In my opinion I think teenagers should have the right to vote, yes teenagers do make mistakes but us teenagers are hearing about the politics on the news and in classes. Teenagers should have the right to know what is going to happen in the future therefore we teenagers should have the right to vote. The age should be lowered to 16 years old.

  • Yes we should and i am 12!!!

    We should be able to vote because some of us don't live to 18 but befor we died we wanted to vote! Kids under the age of 10 or 11 shouldn't but if u know what to do and ur above age 10 or 11 we should be able to vote!

  • Children should vote

    If the question is "do children have sufficient understanding to vote on complex issues" then the answer should be "do people of any age have sufficient understanding to vote on complex issues". Who is to judge that? If the majority of the electorate believe that the government should give them ice cream every day, then that is the "will of the people". Yes, children are easily manipulated but so is the rest of the population.

  • Yes we should

    We kids have the own rights to be able to vote.Like on TV shows when the electoin is going on "Every right Counts," and that mean us children.I am waiting to vote.I feel like when the eleciton is on and everyone is voting and I am in a hole a deep hole one ever asks if I want to vote.We have our own rights and one of those rights is voting.

  • Our future, our say

    Children will be handed this country they live in at some point, be it ten years or thirty. When that happens, it will be an alien environment, because they had no voice in how to change it. Children are the future. We should allow them to choose their futures, to choose their fates, to give them the option of shaping what will be theirs.

  • Yes kids should vote

    Me as a kid doesn't want someone pick or choosing my future. So when adults vote they choose the leader they want but as a kid i dont think they would but a good leader. So therefore i dont think that adults should choose or pick my future for me.

  • We understand just like you adults!!!

    As a 14 year old that is NOT allowed to vote, I don't like the fact that I'm not allowed to vote. Especially since I AM interested in politics and I know what kind of leader we need. And by the way, Donald Trump is NOT one of em. That man is the DEVIL and he should NOT have won that election. Now if you excuse me... I'm going to calm down now.

  • Most certainly not.

    Children (age 2-12) should definitely not be allowed to vote in any election. Children do not have the capacity to make accurate political opinions required to vote. I think that if, only if, children are for once accurately educated about society, they shall have the right to vote. I personally believe the voting age should be moved to 16 or 17 instead of 18.

  • Of course not

    Children should not be worried about politics. They are children for gods sake. They should be a child and do childlike things, such as believing in fairy tales. Reality destroys a person's view on the world. Allow kides to enjoy the good part of life lets not face them with reality to soon.

  • Kids are not immersed into the political realm at a young age.

    Children agree with their parents. If you are affiliated with a religion, it is probably because your parents raised you that way. Young children have told me they do or do not like President Obama. I asked them why. They had no answer besides their parents believe what thy believe. We will just feed more votes of a parents choosing into the political world. On the other hand, I feel teens should have some eligibility to vote. I am 14, turning 15. I am very much into politics and in debate. I watch the news. I pay attention. Other teens I know, whoever, do not pay attention or do not know one thing about whats going on around the world at all. Or even in our own country. The votes will be influenced by family members. Even if they are not, a child does not have the capacity to make a rational decision on who would be fit to run for office because the brain is not fully developed. I child playing with toy cars and doll houses should not be introduced to the political world.

  • No they should not

    The mind of a child does not comprehend to many things. They can't understand complex policies and long term impact. They can't independently (independently, I mean without being influenced) judge write from wrong. A child does not understand the concept of right from wrong only knows that certain behaviors will get them into trouble. Children are also heavily influenced. If mom told him "DiBlasio will be the best mayor ever" and I ask him why, and he answered because his mom told him. If a child is told "Obama is great" he will quickly believe it without thinking whether he is actually great. Get the point? Also, parents can coerce their child into voting for someone without repercussions.

  • Just plain Irresponsible

    It would be horribly irresponsible for us, as adults, to give voting rights to children. Children, who are the most vulnerable to advertisements. All presidential campaigns ads would cater to children, and they would listen. Our children need to have enough time to figure out what's right and wrong before they are allowed to vote. Would you give your cat the right to vote? No!, and your cat has about as much knowledge about our election system as your four-year-old. Easy decision.

  • Of course not

    Most of the time, kids do not know the facts, the candidates, or the issues. Also, a lot of kids really don't care, and aren't infirmed enough to vote. Ill-informed kids voting in elections would cause possibly the wrong candidate to get elected. Adults should be the only people voting in elections since theybare the most informed.

  • May as well give multiple votes to any individual

    It is logical to assume that in the majority of circumstances the votes of children will reflect those of their parents. And if the children were not bias on account of their immediate family then they would be lost in the infinitely deceitful world of politics. Children are taught to respect their elders and hear their words as truth. They have had precious little experience to allow them the discernment necessary to make a truly informed decision.

  • I hope not

    I remember wanting to vote when I was younger as well, but that passed as I got older and realized my vote probably would not have been as carefully decided as maybe I would have thought it was. While I think it is important for adolescents to get involved in politics and appreciate their enthusiasm, I do not think they have the seasons to understand what is involved.

  • They shouldn't vote

    Kids are not responsible enough. They will most likely vote for who is funnier and other. 18 is the age and we all should agree. Kids should most definitely not vote in my opinion. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • No way !

    Kids are too young and people under 18 shouldn't be able to vote. If they did they are immature, don't care about politics, and they can get swayed by others! 18 year old's are old enough and deserve to vote. Kids shouldn't be able to vote for a reason people!!!

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VibeeWithhBevv says2015-10-30T02:17:23.973
Kids Should Be able to vote.Every Citizen That is 13 or older should be able to vote.Teens have Rights just like adults so they should be able to vote also.Teens are the future people are the future people of the world they should be able to pick who they trust to lead the country.Sometimes kids have better reasoning to why they are voting for a specific person.