• It can be a good learning tool and not allowing them can often backfire

    With the exception of Amish families, I don't really agree with not allowing a child to watch TV. My reasons are because for one TV can be an excellent learning tool and besides that not allowing them can really backfire when they're older because kids will most likely notice their friends watching TV and will want to do it too because they want to be like their friends. This doesn't mean that you should let them do something just because their friends are doing it but what it means is that they probably just want to be a normal person. However this doesn't mean that you should allow them to watch TV allday though because that's not good for them. But not allowing them to watch any television can be bad for them too because television can also be bad too. For example if someone at school were to hurt your child's feelings then they'll probably want to do something to make them feel better and sometimes even talking about it or doing their favorite activities such as reading a book can't do that.

  • Yes they should

    Kids should be able to watch tv as long as it's filtered. There are many programs that are both enjoyable but can also teach a few kids something. Without tv kids can feel disconnected. It is 2016 and kids can feel left out when all their friends watch a show they don't.

  • Yes, I think children should be allowed to watch cable television.

    There are many different type of television programs that can entertain a child or expand their mind overall as long as the child is not spending an unhealthy amount of time watching television then I see no problem with allowing them watch it, television is a staple in America and nearly every child watches it.

  • There are some great programs on cable.

    Children should definitely be able to watch cable TV. There are some very good educational and enlightening programs on cable, which they could benefit from watching. Their parents should carefully monitor which programs the children are watching though, and not let them view the programs that are not suitable for children.

  • There are a lot of educational shows.

    There are more shows for children on cable. There aren't many kids shows on public television. There are also several educational channels and shows on cable television that can teach children things. Children should be allowed to watch educational and kids shows, as well as any other shows that are okay for them.

  • Of course they should be.

    Kids should be allowed to watch cable tv as long as it is in moderation and they get all the more important things done first. One day they will see cable television anyway, so there's no need to hide anything from them. This is an age old and ridiculous question.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe children should be allowed to watch cable TV. Cable TV has a lot of options so parents should be able to find programming that is appropriate for their children. Children shouldn't be subjected to a lot of TV or watch things that are specifically violent or questionable for their age group. In America we even have a little rating system that will help identify these programs if you're too lazy to make your own decision.

  • No, I disagree

    It numbs children minds as it prevents your child from exercising daily activities, Being intellectually chalenged, Thinking analytically, And using their imagination. , Also it can affect to their eyes health, It also has bad influence form explicit or negative content from the cable tv channel like violencde content, Bad words, Adults content. They also has less time for doing their homework because children use much of their time watching cable tv

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