Should kids be aloud to play m for mature games?

Asked by: elijahhogan20
  • Education is key

    We need to educate these children about mature games and the reality of life. I believe this should either be the job of the school which they attend or their parents/guardians. What mostly people refer to is personal experiences but every child is different. If schools teach children the consequences of doing something portrayed in video games then there would be nothing to worry about. In most schools video games aren't even talked about, so these children don't even know what they are being exposed to.

    Another major factor that plays a major part is parents and guardians. Some of these parents/guardians don't even know what they are getting their child into. If these parents/guardians had the ability to know the contents of a game and understand them then they would know if their child will be able to handle themselves or not. I believe taking both the points mentioned children will be able to play mature games to an extent.

  • Yes, if they have the proper education.

    I have been playing "violent" m-rated videogames since I was 5 years old, the important key is that kids must know that it's just a game, and that whatever they do in-game they must never do it in real life, violent videogames like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Scarface are what got me into videogame development, and helped me forge myself a future.

  • Depends on the kid.

    I always supported kids wanting to play their favorite games regardless of the age until I realized how some of them became. I see some kids clearly too violent or vulgar because they play games too much games like GTA. So I think a notion should be made.

    Intelligent games such as Assassin's Creed should be allowed to kids.

    Stupid games wwho focus mostly on doing immoral things like killing innocents should NOT be allowed to kids.

  • Yes They Should

    I think they should be allowed to play those games unless they are younger than 13 because they are going to be teens so they should be allowed to play M games. If you dont agree with me you suck balls. You wusses you go ahead and suck it.

    -Dying Gammr

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  • Yes they should!

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  • Because they can

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  • They are not causing mass shootings.

    It's been scientifically proven in psychology that video games DO NOT cause people to harm others.Instead,it is actually a mental disease the player has in their mind that causes them to inflict harm on others based on what they see.It is not these games causing shooting.Its the player's brain disease causing them.

  • I think that certain children should be given a chance.

    I am a 13 year old kid. I have played many games in my life, such as, Grand theft auto five, South Park: the stick of truth and many other Mature rated games that supposedly influence children like me to do certain actions in these games, for example: In GTA V you are able to to kill random pedastrians. My argument is that children do not always react to these certain actions, I certainly know that I myself do not try to re-enact or copy these actions, instead I regard them as insignificant actions that you can do in the game. I also know the consequences of these actions, because I have been taught by my parents not to.

    The idea that kids that are around my age do not know how to act upon these images in video games is absurd. I also believe this argument is invalid simply because there are older "Adults" that know what to do, when instead they don't. They blindly act or copy these actions, because they think they are adults, when in truth they are acting like idiots. There are many reported cases of these "adults". Just check what's funny and trending on YouTube. It is usually adults that try out stupid actions, and end up severely injuring themselves, or worse. What I am trying to say is that some children can be trusted, but not all of them can. I am defending the people like me, not the game. I believe that children should be trusted, and to do that parents should experiment on them, just like my parents did and see the results. If the child willstart acting differently, well parents know what to do. If the child maintains his behavior and dosent change, then he or she can be trusted. .

  • Depends on the game

    I think it depends on the game and the player. If the kid is mature and the game isn't to bad I think it's fine. If it's a game like mortal combat and your kid is nine then definitely not. But if your kid is twelve or thirteen and its a game like assasins creed where there is not to much blood and no guts then I think it's ok. Overall you have to decide of of your child's maturity and the level of violence in the game. Kids should be aloud to play m for mature games.

  • No absolutely not!

    My little cousin and nephews was playing grand theft auto one day and it wasn't even 1 hour of them playing and they already got a fork out the kitchen drawer and tried to stab me with it. They thought it was funny. I use to work at a school with children. I had to help them with there homework, the kids that were being bad all had video games in common like sniper gun games, gta, and other violent games their parents let them play. That behavior they showed in class was horrible, they would get overly angry and couldn't explain why, they would say bad things like i will kill you or i want to hurt myself or i can drive a truck in your house. These children were 6-7 years old. I do not think they could tell the difference between reality and a video game. Now kids that are 15 or 16 playing a 17 or 18 game to me is except-able because it depends on the maturity of that child.

  • Violent video game should not be allowed for kids

    Kids and young people should not keep in touch with violent media such as video games,movies,music .Because these people are easily get influence than adults.The danger of this media is not about dividing what truth or reality but it is about with dealing conflicts situation.The kid who play violent video game are often dealing conflicts situation with violent.Thats why there are so many shooting in the school

  • I must say No.

    Violent games should not be created in the first place rather than let immature kids play them. I say this because negative audio visual programming can manifest a negative reality. For example loading up on CNN every morning can seriously do damage to a normal person's Day. A kid's mind, body and spirit must be mold in a positive manner.

  • I have to say no...

    I see nothing wrong with violent video games. A normal, healthy mind can differentiate between reality and fantasy. However, because the mind of a child is still developing emotionally and physically, I would avoid letting them play mature games. For the same reason I don't think kids should drink, do drugs and look at porn.

  • It sets a bad example

    Nightmares and bad choices are just the beginning for mature games. Most of the games out there are first person shooters, witch on there own are not a good choice. But these games are extremely graphic and even scary for most viewers, so do we really want our kids playing and watching these explicit games?

  • No I don't think kids should play these games.

    I would be concerned about kids having bad memories stored in their brain which they can get rid of when they are adults. My 13 year old son is currently playing counter strike global offensive which is an m rated game) and I'm worried for his well being in the future.

  • Noooooo nooo noooo

    To much violence not a good age I say 15+ Because just too aggressive and not for kids under the age of 15 too much violence I’m a kid saying that because my parents let me play them and I don’t want too myself it’s bad for you sorry kids

  • In my opinion, the parents and guardians who let there children play +17 games are a bunch of stone heads.

    How could a parent/guardian who isn't a complete idiot allow there children to play games such as GTA or COD? They have blood, gore, drugs, sexual references and foul language. Why is it a big deal?

    First of all most of these kids are 5-7 year olds who shouldn't be exposed to any of this kind of content until they are +17. This kind of exposure will and can get kids to swear, and swear a lot. If you need proof just look at any xbox trolling video and you can see all of the death threats and foul language being used by them, which can lead to social awkwardness and anti-social behavior later in life.

    Second and although not completely proven, it can promote more aggressive behavior.
    You might say that there's no proof these claims are true, but how don't these games promote it to children? Its not like your having fun playing the game by simply doing something as innocent as collecting a coin or jumping around in a kid appropriate world, your having "fun" blowing peoples heads off (Fallout 3) or doing drugs (GTA V)

    Third and finally, the rating is there for a reason.
    That rating on the box that specifically says this game is +17 isn't just there for show. Most parents don't even understand just how bad the game is, and I can guarantee you the people who made those labels knew what they where talking about when they marked it. How about this, it should be illegal for kids under the age of say 12 from playing the games at all, and at the age of 12 the parents can make there choice whether or not there child should play these games.

    Back in the 1900-1980s there was no video games like these violent ones, or none at all! Kids where happy, hardly swore and had fun playing outside.
    Today, probably a quarter of North Americas children do the same without being infected by this new "norm" such as sexual jokes, swearing and a overall rude attitude to others.

    Not to mention all of the parents that actually don't want there child to play games like these but end up having there child exposed to these games when there at a friends house.

    So no, in no way should kids be allowed to play +17 games, but still, don't think I hate these games because of there content, most of them are actually quite fun to play, I just think there not appropriate for children to be playing them.

  • Squeakers are annoying

    When I play with my buddies on TF2, there's invariably some little kid either micspamming or complaining that he's outclassed, so we're hacking, according to him.
    Kids should stay out of our awesome domain, as they take up a slot that a skilled player could be in, and they annoy us regulars.
    Look up "I'm going to report you to garry" Now imagine the kid ten times whinier. That's the average squeaker we seem to run into.
    TF2/gmod is serious business.

  • No, not good

    The evidence pointing toward the negative effects of violent video games are owerwhelmingly present. Thousands of studies over the years have shown direct links from high violent video game exposure to delinquency, immorality, criminal behavior, and increased aggression. Look at Grand Theft Auto for example. It advocates criminality by making violence look fun and inconsequential.

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