• There should be homework in School

    We all need homework in school. Firstly, it will educate yourself. Secondly, you will have a better life, if you do it. Thirdly, teachers give you homework, because it's for your own good. As we all know, students who don't do homework, are lazy and mostly aggressive. They watch too much films and movies. So, they would start to act like them. We should all minimize the time of playing and work harder. Because playing has a unlimited amount of time. But, homework you can only do it in school. Cherish your time in school. So, you can have a better life.

  • Hw yay or nay

    Homework, one of the most controversial topics known to elementary students. Is it worth spending an hour or less on, in return for preparedness for the future? In my eyes, homework is necessary for elementary students to experience for them to be prepared for the future.
    For example, the harsh work ethic expected of middle school students today should be somewhat introduced in elementary school so kids could slowly become comfortable with the load that they will experience later on. In addition, homework helps foster independent and responsible traits from the beginning, so they can apply hard work being done at home with other activities they may participate in (ex. Practicing drawing at home instead of just in art class) . Setting a basic work principle can really make a difference for people when they get jobs, they’ve had another five years of extra work added along with schooling.
    Another example is how it is generally proven that students usually excel in the classroom when they have been assigned homework. Recent polls by Duke University shows that the average elementary school student who does homework outperformed 69% of the average elementary school student in a school that does not assign homework. This is a very simple (but logical) process of practicing something during the day, then later going back to it so to get more practice, then receive feedback the next day keeping it fresh in mind. The longer you are without work, the easier it is to forget what you have retained earlier.
    My opposing side may say “children have a natural curiosity that will motivate them to learn other things”. This can be true in many cases, but if we rely on kids to teach themselves for the next 5 hours they have of the day, it’s not guaranteed that a lot of learning will be done. According to a small poll by WRI,
    60% of U.S students have a negative attitude towards school. “I’d kindof rather be playing video games” 3rd grader Nick says to a Great Schools Interviewe. If kids today feel more tempted to waste most of their time on things such as video games, how will they motivate themselves to do something that in most kids eyes is boring and repetitive on their own?

    What are your thoughts?

  • Homework is dumb.

    Homework is a dumb thing for dumb people. I'm smart so I don't need homework. I play video games all day and I'm the smartest in class. I wish my teachers didn't say I'm in trouble for not doing my homework because I am smarter than my teachers. No homework for all.

  • Homework is dumb.

    Homework is a dumb thing for dumb people. I'm smart so I don't need homework. I play video games all day and I'm the smartest in class. I wish my teachers didn't say I'm in trouble for not doing my homework because I am smarter than my teachers. No homework for all.

  • It is stupid!!!!!!!!!

    It is a complete waste! Of my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And life!!!! It is very stupid and 90% of the time it is very boring too!!!!!! I hate it very much!!!!!!!!! I lose sleep!!!!!! My bus comes at 6:30am!!!!!!! Even get it on weekends too!!!!!!!!!! It suckssssss!!!!!!!!! I a sure millions more agreeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Death to homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Waste of $

    Ban gov funds to k-12, headstart/preschool, remedial classes, and all college courses that dont teach whats needed to make survival products(renewable energy, water purifiers, heating and cooling, shelter, healthcare supplies and services for testing for and treating physical healthy problems and birth control, soap...)and survival services(like surgery..).
    Only have a highly efficient job training program that doesnt teach anything unnecessary for the job, to teach how to make survival products and do survival services(as above)
    give a gov no intrest, credit wont go down if not repaid,
    no collateral, confidential loan to those who cant afford it, where they dont have to pay it back until they have over $33,000 man made property value.

    Gov school is only to Dumb Down
    dont let them know how to independently care for or defend themself, make survival needs or weapons, or where its food comes from, to keep them dependent.
    Deprive them of useful important info, truth,and non-words/pictures/video info by forcing/intimidating them to go to school
    school(day prison uneducation camp) is only to train slaves to obey(read,write,say,do as told), regeritate propaganda. They tell you its good for you, because they think its good for you to be a slave. Watch harry potter tyranical school movie
    occupy its mind w the most useless boring info. Dont teach it anything that could help it. Illiterate in useful words- only teach words no one uses.
    Force to shut up and sit still in chair to weaken body and immunity and reduce blood flow to brain to dum it down
    drug/poison it to make it weak so it wont move, experiment, explore or travel, to make it dum.
    Keep them compartmentalized, isolated, dont let them socialize or travel, only know how to do 1 repetitive job
    deindividualize to collectivize punish non-conformity.
    Schools target children because there small, weak, easy to control
    order them to look at books filled w info schools admit has no application that the student will never use in their life. If the info had application, the student wouldnt be allowed access to resources necessary to apply that info. They forget useless info right after the test.
    The only reason for school-day-prison is to create weak obedient slaves.

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