Should kids be banned from indoor tanning facilities?

  • Yes i think tanning should be banned for kids.

    Yes i think tanning should be banned because it can cause Melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer and for people who start tanning before age 35 tanning increases the chance of getting melanoma by 75% . It can also cause wrinkles and premature ageing of the skin. And if you ask me i would rather be bathing in the sun than to get skin cancer from tanning.Tanning in my opinion tanning is a wasted of time and energy and way too expensive.

  • Tanning Is Stupid

    I do not see why a person would want to leatherize their skin by tanning all year round in a tanning bed. Evidence shows that tanning and tanning beds both cause skin cancer, a serious concern. I believe tanning beds should be restricted to people 16 years of age and older.

  • Of course they should

    They are kids and shouldn't be allowed to cook themselves. Us adults may do so but in my opinion what is the point of even having them. All you are doing is cooking yourselves, what the hell!!! In my opinion don't use them, you're destroying your skin and giving you a higher chance of getting skin cancer.

  • Absoulutly. In fact, they should be banned.

    Indoor tanning beds have been proven, time and time again to cause skin cancer, early skin ageing, cataracts, damaging the immune system...It's just a bad thing. Plus, any device that makes you go blind if don't wear sunglasses should NEVER be used with children. Tanning booths are equally as bad.

    Spray on tans cause sun-sensitive skin and the kids would stain the clothes they wore when they played outside, plus it is just weird. So yes, either way, bad and weird to have kids...Or...Even adults going.

  • Absolutely banned too dangerous

    Its too dangerous kids shouldn't do it it harms there internal body and skin. It will cause dangerous and deadly diseases. Kids have a higher risk than adults. I wouldn't recommend this for kids especially nor should adults go indoor tanning. This is to dangerous for people and should be banned immediately.

  • What is the purpose?

    I don't see it. Why should we do that? Hmm. What is the purpose of that? The children do not have to tan, just be mindful of them and and give them something to do. Banning children from everyday realities such as from a simple ''tanning'' facility is wasted effort.

    Posted by: Tiff

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