Should kids be disciplined for what they post on the internet?

  • Kids should be disciplined for what they post on the internet

    With advanced technology, what we post and write on the internet can be read by thousands and millions of people in a second, thus it is important to learn how to be a responsible internet user and be mindful of consequences to what we post on the internet. Uncivil and irresponsible posts can lead to negative consequences as severe as a defamation suit, and can result in cyber bullying.

  • They have to know where they stand

    If they are old enough to write, they are old enough to take responsibility for their actions. Children should not be allowed to do whatever they wish. Theres consequences to what they post. Children are aware of some right and wrong. W/o discipline, how they can grow up understanding their actions.

  • The world is a dangerous place

    The world is a dangerous place now; physically (like being there looking each other in face) and emotionally (like social networking). Anyone who says that people don't act and communicate differently on-line to in the real world I think really needs a reality check.
    I'm a reasonably quite male (in the social network world) but even I have been bullied and had threats on-line by people that I see. Kids should be disciplined just like adults because the way I see it we are there role models and if we teach them that this is the way to act what life are we leading them into.

  • We need to teach kids how to be safe on the Internet

    When they are an adult the things they post on the Internet can have a very serious affect on their lives. A poorly thought out post can result in losing a job, being fined, destroying a friendship or a marriage, or even placing someone in jail.

    We do the kids a disservice if we don't teach them consequences for these actions as a kid. Better to have a punishment as a kid and learn that it is wrong instead of losing a job over it when they are older.

  • Absolutely 100% yes

    The internet in these days is not a sanctuary from the world it now has consumed the world and corresponds with the world, everything that a kid posts online now makes its way into real life through social networking and other sources, what kids post can effect other badly (cyber bullying) what they can post can cause major issues (nude pics and so on) and in the end can destroy or ruin theirs/someone elses lives, kids should be 100% disciplined of what they put online.

  • Social protocol should be somewhat adhered to online.

    It's not that I don't think kids should express themselves, but there should be a modicum of courtesy. Too many kids are getting to out of control socially online and they're effecting their real life outside of the Internet. There should be some control over what children post, as the same goes for how they act in public. I believe completely that children should express themselves, but not to the extent where they would be too inappropriate.

    P.S. I'm not about to start an argument of semantics, I think "inappropriate" speaks for itself.

  • We Have The Freedom

    We have freedom of speech so we can write whatever we want on the internet. Unless its a school website or a job website we should be able to write whatever we want. We can express ourselves how ever we want. As long as we don't break any rules or do anything dangerous like giving out an address, it's okay to do what ever you want on the Internet.

  • The Internet is Just...

    I find the Internet just as a place for people to fool off and rage. Sometimes, you know, people need some place to hide, some place to fool off and troll, some place to ventialiate their hatred of something. The internet is that place, that sancuatary from the real world.

  • No it's not equal compare to what the parents put on the internet.

    These parent speaking to their children about what not to say on the internet meanwhile the parents does it. If it's a picture of them exposing their selves or put impropriate picture of others online. Then yes they should. If you mean words then the parents should take a good look at their selves and say, "Who am I to do that when I do it too."

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