• Kids should play sports

    Yes kids should be forced to play sports.Sports teach good life leasons like being a fair looser,and working hard etc. they also help kids stay fit and healthy.They can play sports with family and even meet and come closer with friends.So if you ask me i think kids need to be forced to play sports.

  • Yes they sould

    WIthout sports people will be fat. They dont have good team skills, couoperation, and will have a far more diffuclt time doing homework. A lot people say PE is important and it is but then they dont do sports? Pe counts as sports so we are alredy forced to and it helps all students. Getting hurt is just a thing they need to get used to

  • It's a way to relax

    I do agree that some kids say they do not want to be pushed to play sports , but i feel that don't see it as a burden , infact it's a time when you can relax , yes, i know, we need to study in school, but too much studying and home works can cause depression, anxiety and such other situations which can be overcome by playing sport . If you don't like to play harsh games , but you're more like a bookworm . Then, none's forcing you to play harsh games, you can play any game of your choice. Just don't see it as a burden , but see it as a time for relaxation and fun .

  • Yes they should

    Sports teaches kids values it doesn't matter if they don't like it, it is going to make them a better person, stop acting like kids are made of glass and go make them do something in the world not just sit down and fail at life we need to teach them how life works.

  • When kids play school sports they can sometime get a better job in the future.

    A new study, conducted by Kevin Kniffin, a behavioral science professor at Cornell University, shows that kids who played team sports in high school make better employees. They are looked upon more favorably by job interviewers, whether or not the interviewer was an athlete.By getting a good job people get better money meaning the parents child will be successful because they pushed their child to play sports.

  • Kids should be forced to play sports

    Kids should be forced to play a sport bc it burns calories and science studies say that they more sports u play the more fat you'll burn and not only losing the leam weight but getting good grades in school. This is caused by the adrenaline in your brains and playing sports keeps your brain running so that you will most likely get better grades if u try the sport.

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  • For sure yes

    We to we to we to we to we to we tow they need to play the game that helped me get here and become better at life and stuff and coolnesss because sports are the greatest sport ever in human history. Also I would like to say, go hawk!

  • It helps a lot

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  • There gonna be fatties!

    Do you want future generations to be obese? Do you want your children or your childrens lovers to be fat and have fat off spring? They will not servive in this god forsaken place! They will all have increased risks of disease and it will be your fault!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for reading...

  • Being forced is unfair!

    Kids should not be put against their will. If they don't want to play sports, don't flippin' force them! They can make their own decisions in life! They probably already have a sucky life. They don't need to be pushed into doing a sport. And if you force your kid to do a sport, you are a terrible parent.

  • No, I do not think kids should be forced to play sports.

    No, I do not think kids should be forced to play sports. Some kids are just not born athletically gifted and do not enjoy sports. I think it is important for all kids to excersize, but sports are not the only way to do that. Some kids really do not enjoy or do well with athletic competition.

  • No, kids shouldn't be forced to play sports.

    Forcing children to play sports wouldn't be fair because some children have no interest in being competitive in that manner and some children just aren't athletically inclined but have talents in other areas. I think there is room in this world for people to have a wide variety of interests.

  • No. Forcing is wrong.

    Forcing kids into playing sports is absurd. Kids should be able to choose their own interests and hobbies and not have to live up to parents expectations. Yes they should remain active but if they do not want to participate in sports then they should not have to and its not fair to them.

  • No and here’s why

    Forcing kids to play or tryout for sports can lead to lots of problems. It could cause them to feel stressed because of fear, Anxiety, Or simply because they don’t want to. In some cases playing sports or trying out for sports can cause humiliation which is something every child fears. I like sports and I think they’re good for you but i think it should be your child’s choice on whether they want to play or not.

  • The Obvious Answer.

    Sports is meant to be fun, but being forced to do sports most likely won't make the child happy. Although Sports has great aspects, like teamwork; if the child doesn't want to do it, they don't want to do it,
    There are other ways for the child to learn valuable-lessons.

  • Kids should not be forced to play a sport

    Kids shouldn't be forced to play a particular sport because many people are raised differently then others such as many are athletically gifted then others. Plus its parents number one job to support there Childs desire and encourage them to do exercise, sports is not the only way for kids to become fit.

  • Absolutely not, are you crazy?

    I do not enjoy sports. I don't want kids like me who would rather play with puzzles and books be forced to play sports. I only like tennis. I would so much rather play with other stuff than play sports, and I am sure many other kids think the same thing.

  • The key word is “force”

    No child or adult should be forced to do anything. I think sports are the foundation of many’s lives and career choices. Everything about sports is great. But you can only enjoy the incredible sensation if THE CHILD wants to do it, the parents support, and they have the will power to do it. I don’t think parents should force their kids to a sport, but inspire them and cheer them on for a sport. You don’t have to be an athlete to be great in this world :)

  • Forcing is not cool.

    What if they don't want to? What if they want to become something like an artist or a teacher? Come on people. It's just super mean. It makes your kid feel like they have to be athletic. It puts a lot of stress into their life. Plus it can also lead to injury.

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