• Our country USA

    Our country our policy, if your in america and you don't believe in the Pledge then reevaluate, or move somewhere else. Respect the fallen soldiers, the founding fathers, and all the other people who made this country. If you don't believe in God the mouth over it but you should at least have the decency to respect our country

  • Yes, They Should Be

    Admiration for the United States is not a religion, therefore their religious rights would not be violated through having to do such a thing. If someone despise the United States so much, he or she should not live in the United States. Such a thing is hypocritical, to rant against the United States while living in this country and enjoying it's high standard of living compared to most other nations. Of course, I say all this assuming that this refers to American kids standing for the American Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Yes they should be

    Imagine a country playing its national pledge and no one is standing for the respect of nations pledge, children's are the future of nation and if those little are taught to disrespect their pledge from the beginning. There future seems to be in dark, they will never stand one. Unity is nation's strength. Pledge teaches to be proud of what we've got. Pledge teaches us to respect other,
    i request you to read this pledge
    India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters.
    I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage.
    I shall always strive to be worthy of it.
    I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy.
    To my country and my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well-being and prosperity alone lies my happiness.
    I hope it has cleared opinion

  • Yes but not say it

    I say yes stand to show your respect for those who fought for our freedom but no for being forced to say it since other countries have had pledges of allegiances which is saying that you will stand for your country no matter what but that can lead to bad things happening also the Under god phrase should not because of religous reasons

  • It should be a choice

    Reasons for protesting
    Controversial topics
    In June 2018 around 2, 300 kids have been separated from their parents. Vox. Com
    Police officers killing people
    -“Few police officers ever face trial for shooting deaths, Let alone are convicted. ”CNN. Com that shows that it's hard to get officers behind bars
    Vox. Com

    Also if trump let's immigrants into America he makes the legalization process extremely difficult

    Not about veterans or military
    By changing the narrative and saying that people who stand up for what is right are disrespecting the flag, They are removing the focus from the actual issue
    The government is trying to change the subject about all the “questionable” acts they did then trying to say we are being bad and disrespectful.
    Just saying do you the reader think that lots of people would purposely disrespect the veterans sacrifices.
    Free speech is a right
    Explanation of free speech
    Bill of rights quote“With Liberty and Justice for All
    This shows everyone have the RIGHT to sit or stand and justice will come but not if we can't stand
    It is true you can fire people for not standing in private companies like the NFL but government public schools are public and government funded so you can't expel students because their right is guaranteed by the constitution.
    The Supreme Court struck down a resolution that allowed schools to expel students who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance
    P The U. S. Supreme Court ruled in 1943 that schools could not force students to salute the flag or recite the pledge.
    -BBC NEWS- Students getting expelled one example of this is India Laundry she got expelled from her school by not standing for the pledge. "School children cannot unilaterally refuse to participate in the pledge, " Mr Paxton - Texas's state's most senior law enforcement officer but clearly she is wrong

    - A Court held that forcing students to stand for the Pledge violated the first amendment

    https://www. Dinsmore. Com/publications/can-schools-force-students-to-stand-for-the-pledge/ this is a god site for information

    3. The pledge does not apply to some. I. I realized it was completely disingenuous of me to stand for a pledge when the words do not apply to my life” NewsELA. Com
    This shows that not all people want to stand so you don't have to, Metaphorically speaking if you force a person to stand for the pledge it's like forcing them to listen to music they don't like.

    ii. Think of all the wrongly accused inmates right now do you think ley would stand for the pledge because it definitely does not apply.
    Imagine your family taken away from you your sitting in a cold hard cell and you have the fear of being executed by electricity. Do you really think he would stand for the pledge.

  • They don't need indoctrination.

    Look, these kids have a right. Students can determine heir own futures. They have the right to oppose the government as stated. As such, there should be absolutely no firestorms on standing up for the national anthem or pledge. These are vital 1st Amendment rights which we should all acknowledge. If students can walk out of school for gun control purposes, then students can sit, or kneel for the POA.

  • We have the freedom of rights

    If students are forced to stand for the pledge then we are breaking a law to the constitution. When me made the pledge it was originally a salute while sitting. Then the Nazis changed theirs to a salute and we changed ours to hand over heart while standing. So don't force kids.

  • Kids should not be forced to stand and say the pledge.

    The point of the pledge is to reinforce the freedoms that America stands for and one of those freedoms is the freedom of expression which means that noone should be forced to do something they don't believe especially when it comes to government and religion,Teachers easily have other ways to reinforce those American values.

  • I pledge to the Canadian Flag that:

    The nation will pay for all the Jews we deported back to Nazi Germany when they were begging to be let in.

    The nation will pay for their sick obsession with the out of touch royalty that shouldn't have even the least bit of relevance to Canadian politics and their horrendous documentaries of an old hag in 3D.

    The nation will pay for pretending to conserve and care for our wild life while we continue to murder seals, (Because according to these backwards savages, those seals are a bigger problem to the fish population than our excessive fishing and use of sea trawlers.) our oil sands in the west, our entire history that's based off skinning animals, and our continued support of Chinese fur trade even after the European Commission (EUROPEAN COMMISSION, NOT PETA) wanted a ban on Chinese faux fur and fur because it utilized domesticated animals and because they didn't even have the decency to be honest that the faux fur was actually fur.

    The nation will pay for all the natives that literally had their cultural identity beaten from them by those upstanding religious figures. (Beating people into thinking like you - Morality)

    The nation will pay for all those obnoxious 'patriots' that sent a principle death threats causing him to quit his job because he stopped playing the national anthem.

    That the nation will pay for how we treated french minorities like dirt and then compared them to being mentally deficient simply because they had the nerve to have a french accent in a bilingual nation.

    But lets go back to that second last part, shall we? A principle decides to stop playing a national anthem, and this is how grown ups act. They send the man death threats and they freak out like a bunch of petulant children. This is all it takes to offend those tough Canadians. A principle choosing not to play the national anthem. I don't care what symbolism someone think it holds, at the end of the day it's nothing but a song and if we look at the bigger picture that's all it's ever going to be; a song no matter how much subjective value we give it.

    You want to know what offends me? That these 'civilized' people act like this over such a petty matter. You'd think the guy was a Nazi or something with how he was treated. These people aren't patriots, nor are they good people. They're nothing but sycophants, and bullies that beat up anyone that doesn't conform to their superficial garbage. And really, they all have a lot of nerve in demanding me to pledge to the flag after how they act. And as usual after they calmed a bit what did these spoil brats have for an argument? Oh, you know, the typical privileged nonsense you'd expect from a child:


  • It's their right to not take part in the pledge!

    If someone wants to not take part in the pledge they have the right to do so under the constitution. Also the student that isn't taking part in the pledge shouldn't be singled out and criticized for not standing, Basically someone that is not standing is showing that they have freedom and the people who are standing (that don't want to take part, but the are) are showing that they are giving up their rights to what is socially accepted.

  • We have to notice they are just "kids"

    Kids. How old are they? They are young;which means they didn't even meet the world and experience. They didn't even think about it. But forcing them to stand for the pledge? I don't think that's right. Its just like this; its like ordering kids to draw in white new paper without their any opinions. Before they organize their point of view and thoughts, we should never force them to stand for the pledge. (Actually its not only about pledge as you know. We should respect their thinking though they are young.)

  • Don't force them

    One of the fundamental ideas of America is to have the freedom to oppose the government. In my class there are kids in the back who don't stand for the pledge. But do you think that forcing them to stand would make them respect this country and the flag? No. It would cause them to feel oppressed, and so they would become resentful, and opposition would ensue. [Freedom Intensifies]

  • There no way

    You cant really and truly make someone do something. At my school, we say the pledge during our first period right before the bell rings, and after the pledge we have a moment of silence. Do I think they should be forced? No. For two reasons. Even if we did make them say it, there would be no point, it would only make them less proud. We go on and on about how we are living in the land of the free, and that this is a free country. With that being said, no one should be forced to do anything they don't want to because this is America, even though it is slightly funny and ironic that some may choose not to show love and respect for the country that allows them to make that choice.

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