Should kids be forced to write assignments more than one paragraph long?

  • Yes! Coming from a HS student.

    L I may be a student, and I might not like homework, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have to do it or only do hardly anything. I don't agree with 25 page long essays every night, but one paragraph isn't that much. Many kids today complain about doing "too much homework". Yeah right! They're just lazy. If they really had too much homework, It be more like 5 pages every night, not one paragraph. A paragraph is literally 7 sentences. L That's what the beginning of this opinion until the work sentences equals. Most of those are compound or complex sentences that are the length of 2 or three simple sentences. If you're complaining about a paragraph, just wait until you get to college.

  • I have never

    In the whole of my school career been asked to write an assignment that was only a paragraph long - and even if I was, I would end up writing more anyway.
    Children have lower literacy skills in todays day and age than ever before, so now more than ever, we should be teaching our children how to read and write proper essays. I still write them - it never does me any harm!

  • Absolutely; from a High School Student.

    Writing is a natural extension of the mind, and a reflection of learning. Several studies have proven that the more students write the more they comprehend and understand what they're writing about. A paragraph isn't actually that long, and honestly school is the number one job of a student and they should prioritize their schoolwork over everything else they do. Students are expected to excel and learn, not do minimal work because laziness like this only provides a mediocre education.

  • Yes; from a new college student.

    I recently started college and have learned a great deal about myself and other students. Students NEED to write more and be forced to re-write essays. Along with these re-writes should come a great deal of explanation from the teacher. In high school I often received papers and never found out what I did right or wrong. It is sad that it was not until now that I have a teacher who actually shows us what we have done wrong and teaches us how to think in a way that pushes us to write better.

  • No Its Bad

    Kids should never have to write more than one paragraph because of kids getting off track to easily. What if they have to do something that day? What if they don't finish? Will they get suspended? They shouldn't because its writing something that's more than asked for... Kids should never have to write long page assignments

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Haroush says2013-11-21T21:38:43.903
Talk about about manufactured retardation, this is it.