Should kids be given free college intuitiate (entrance)

  • We should get free entrance

    Kids can be pore and college is over 5 grand!!!! Why should we pay for school!!!!!! It is no fair. We shouldnt need to becouse 1 we are pore and 2 we shouldnt be paying for something educationol. So ya we need free college intuitiat. So ya we need it.

  • Technically it isn't free

    Taxpayers will be paying for this. So essentially your just hurting people who do not want to pay for something they should not have to. There are already ways of getting free college such as grants and scholarships. Kids should have to earn their way to college. If there was free college quite a few jobs would start making it a requirement like we have a highschool education required for many jobs even when someone without that education can do that job just fine.

  • No it should not be

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