• Because some kids are fat and they need exercise!!!

    Because some people are fat and they need exercise. Some kids are over weight and obese. And that's not good for their body.Because some kids had died like that. And because it's not their kids thats why they don't care.So that is why we need recess to get more exercise.

  • I say yes

    We need to get all of our energy out of us so we can be calm and not crazy the rest of the school day.It also gives us exersise.It also helps us make friend with new kids or people we usually would not hang out with.It also gets us in sports that we can't afford to do.

  • Why people need more time

    Because the more people get to play outside the more they get fit. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . .. . . .. . . . .Awsome XD kosa iaUi aidA iaw

  • More recess time

    We should have more recess time because it helps us focus more in school.It will help us with better grads and help us with socail skills i hope people feel the same way about this if im wrong your wrong and i hope you change your mined and let kids have more recess

  • I say yes

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  • Kids need to get more exercise to become more healthy.

    Some kids are fat and they need more recess in order to get more healthy. If some kids don't exercise enough they wont be very healthy. Kids at elementary schools don't really get very much recess. Well at least not enough to keep them healthy for a long time so they need to be exercising more .

  • More recess please

    I'm a kid in school and I know that I need to be outside more. When we go outside it is about for 15 min. It feels so short. A lot of kids are obese and science is telling we need more or longer recess because a lot of kids just go home and play video games. This is why we need more recess

  • Because kids need to be more fit because are generation is getting fat

    Kids are starting to get more fat and less active. Being on electronics more and not outside playing. I know that a lot of kids aren't fat but also a lot of them are and we need to make them do more exercise or give them the opertunity to be out more :)

  • Kids should be given recess for better exercise.

    Kids should be given recess for better exercise. When children are allowed to go outside and play, they run a lot and are more prone to burn off lots of calories, which is what they need to do to lose weight and stay healthy. Without outside time, they could become obese.

  • Recess should just stay the same

    Recess can be bad.Bulling ussually takes place at recess and friends brake up. Also upper grades dont run around alot they just sit and talk the whole time. Another thing is that more recess can cause a longer school day,so when it comes to sports parents would have to rush there kids to the sports. So my opinion is they should just leave recess alone

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