Should kids be home schooled if the parents are available???

Asked by: purplebird
  • Yes to home schooling!!!

    Kids should be home schooled because at home, nobody judges them, bullies them, or makes fun of their clothes. I don't even think going to home school involves stressing out to find something to wear. They could just wear pajamas. Also getting ready for home school doesn't require packing a lunch that sometimes get squashed. Kids should be home schooled because they don't have to be bullied.

  • Home schooling carried out the correct way is no less effective than traditional face to face instruction within a classroom.

    In fact, it is provides more advantages than does public school. Foremost, it provides a deep sense of security when compare to public schools which have come accustom to violent attacks. Not saying all schools have been attacked, or that public schools are without any sense of security. Just saying that it is not at all abnormal for a child to sit in a class and have in the back of his or her mind that a deranged psychopath may enter and open fire killing all that he can. Who can deny that such thought in one's mind can and will hamper learning?
    Another key factor is that, while a child sitting in a public school classroom can and may feel like he or she belongs, the odds are way greater for that child sitting around her dining table at home with mother or father instructing. This is an irrefutably essential aspect of learning; that is, feeling like you belong. That is just two of many factors that confirm that home schooling should be favored over traditional instruction, but not a replacement. Public schooling has stood the test of time and has rightfully earned it's place in society.

  • Homeschooling: my argument

    Most schools don't have teachers that teach according to what each individual student understands or is capable of doing. With homeschooling, kids get one on one learning with their parents who know exactly how to teach them without the kids getting confused or stressed. Kids also don't need to be with teachers that are hard to deal with. With those kinds of teachers the kids get very confused by them and they aren't able to learn.
    Homeschooling should be encouraged if parents are available.

  • No Bullies, More personal experiences

    Kids whose parents are in the forces won't have to get permission to go away for a family holiday. Although they will miss out on social experiences but they will be more mature, just look at the duggar family from 19 kids and counting. All of the kids are well behaved and are respected they have better morals than miley cyrus and the stereotypical teenagers

  • I find homeschooling uneasy

    School is a whole lot more than just a transfer of facts from teacher to student. It's also about maturing and growing. School in itself is a society, a place to learn but also socialise. If you took this away how would children socialise and grow, as well as confront issues in life. Also i view homeschooling as a risk due to indoctrination, school offers a balanced unbiased curriculum leaving the student to choose what they want to pursue in life. For example they learn both evolution and about religion, and so can make their own personal opinions rather than being taught one side of the story.

  • Face real world

    School life creates exposure,creativity and student start facing reality of our life.
    Without attending schools he wont be judge himself where he stands among different student.Whether he is good in studies or not??It is just the start in the real world.He will learn many different you cant even thing that they gonna learn in schools such as group study,interact with different gender etc.One or the other day they have face bullies then Why not at early stage so that they make themselves strong so they can face it.

  • Availability does not equal quality

    Learning is complex in the best of circumstances, as evident by the downward spiral of the US education system. In general, I wouldn't agree with the claim that a "parent should if they are available to do so". We all learn in different ways, which means that the individual doing the teaching is going to have to posses the necessary skills to reach the student according to how they learn. If a parent has the background, time, and requisite skills; then, I say your child would probably be better off than in public school.

  • Home schooling should not be encouraged.

    Home schooling provides students with an environment that is too comfortable for learning due to factors such as the clothes they wear, the distractions at home and the absence of peers, reducing their seriousness towards learning. As students do not have to wear a uniform during home schooling, they will automatically have a lack of discipline as they feel less serious when they are in their home clothes. Casual wear during home schooling can make students feel over-relaxed and 'at home,' meaning they don't focus as much on work. There tends to be a larger number of distractions for students at home, compared to regular schools, such as siblings, pets, entertainment devices, etc. This further reduces the students' concentration on learning. Students are surrounded by their peers most of the time during regular schooling, but home schooled students do not have peers, which means that there is little competition during home schooling. This considerably reduces the rate of improvement of students, since they are more likely to be satisfied with their performance all the time, unlike regular students.

  • Public schooling better prepare a kid for the real world.

    I believe that an important value of going to a public school is, you get to socialize with people in your age group. The school system that we have slowly prepares young kids for the real world one step at a time. In a class of say 30, you will be able to learn how to adapt to a large group environment, which is extremely important because it is an experience and skill you want when you enter the workforce or go to public places such as the cinemas. Because you are used to such an environment, you will feel more comfortable being in the real world once you are grown up. On the other hand, a kid who stays home for education will miss out this valuable experience. I find that just this one aspect about public schooling is enough to compensate the cons. Yes, you can avoid bullying if you study alone, you can just wear your pajamas and don't have to pick out clothes to wear everyday if you think it's troublesome to do, but, these are the things you have to deal with when you are out of school anyways, so why not prepare yourself for it before you enter the real world.

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Dumbo says2015-02-15T13:11:18.863
Only if the parents AND kids agree want to.
Stefy says2015-02-15T16:13:31.970
They should be allowed to yeah. But they shouldnt have to. I think public schools are very important for our society and I dont want to see them underfunded because they end up being seen as the "poor peoples education" like they were when they were first concieved.
VexAnarchist says2015-02-16T01:51:57.667
If both the parent(s) and the kid(s) believe that it is a good idea to do so.