• Other holidays let us out

    Why should other holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving let us stay out of school, But Halloween doesn't? Halloween is just as much a holiday, And many people like to do things like carving pumpkins on this day. If we are in school, We have less time to enjoy and celebrate Halloween.

  • Yes yes yes! Teachers are so mean!

    Students, Like myself, Are deprived of the privilege of getting to hang out with their friends and family all day and then eating sweets and staying up all night. This is a disgrace to our country. In about a month, It is Halloween and it’s on a Wednesday! I don’t get to stay up late or have a lot of time to get ready. I’m so upset! I need someone to do something about this now. LITERALLY RIGHT NOW! If you agree, We need to find a way to make this happen.


    I don't think we should have Halloween off, but I do agree that kids should have November 1st, either that or always celebrate on the last Friday or Saturday of October. NO MORE SCHOOL ON NOVEMBER 1st PLEASE!!! PS: great job with this website! #nomorenovember1st #sleepykids #smart I NEED MORE WORDS!!!!!!

  • Yesssssshhhhhh halloween peeps

    ^^^ Like every one above was saying, kids get bummed and try to beg their parents to stay out longer and that leads to trouble. Parents with kids know what it's like to be out late having fun getting candy in a costume of your idea and being with friends. So when they say, "C'mon its getting late we should head home", kids tend to be grouchy the next morning from all the sugar and running around the previous night. We have to sit for 7 HOURS STRAIGHT listening to stuff we don't even have half the interest in so why not take the day off the school calendars for all adults and kids from the school year. And by the way me and my friend are writing to the School Board of Ed. This week in order to get this day off and *fingers crossed* it works.

  • Yes, School takes away time

    Some of us get home at 3:30 or 4:00 and then we have to do homework and trick or treating starts around 6:00 or 7:00. We don’t get enough time to prepare. Halloween is important and kids love it. School should be let off so we can have enough time to celebrate it.

  • Kids should get the day after Halloween off. YES!

    Don't you get bummed when your parents say "It's time to go home, it' getting late and you have school tomorrow." Well I do and I think we should get Halloween off. By the way isn't Halloween a holiday? Soy why don't we get the next day off like a small Halloween Break? That's why in my opinion us kids should get the day after Halloween night off

  • I go to school still.

    For kids, Halloween is a great holiday because we get to dress up in fun costumes and go out and get free candy. Halloween is one of the best holidays for kids, and we should have it as a day off of school. Some people said that it's not a real holiday, but it is! Last year they had to postpone trick-or-treating because we had a bad storm. THEY POSTPONED A HOLIDAY! Halloween is a holiday that kids love. We should be allowed to be off school like any other holiday!

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  • Focus better in school

    If kids stay out late they won't be prepared for the school day basically wasting a school day. If they can't focus they will not be able to do as well on tests and quizzes because they don't remember learning it because they were so tired. November 1st should always be a day off for students

  • Halloween off? Heck yeah.

    Halloween should be off for many reasons. Firstly Halloween is an ancient celebration that many people all around the world celebrate. Therefore, Halloween or All Hollows Eve is in fact celebrated 3 days straight: (The day before, the day of, and the day after). Plus children should be spending their time with their family instead of sitting in a classroom. Therefore, Halloween should most definitely be a holiday off of school.

  • You would be making your kids weak and entitled!

    Kids need to understand that you still have to go to work someday on Halloween so they should learn that while they are young and still in school. Don’t give them everything they want, They have to know about responsibility or they will be entitled, Whiney, Little brats. People already complain about kids these days, We shouldn’t be making it any worse.

  • We should not have school on Halloween

    I don’t think we should have school on Halloween because nobody wants to get up early and second of all if we go to school on Halloween it would just be boring and a lot of writing that we have to do and that will just ruin a kid Halloween in my school we are not gonna have a Halloween party or dress up for some reason which is not fair for us kids but if we don’t have school on Halloween we would very much appreciate it and be happy because in the morning we could just spend time with our family and watch scary movies and trick or treat with our families so that’s why I really don’t wanna go to school on Halloween

  • It’s bad for kids

    Why kids shouldn’t go to school on Halloween is Kids need the day to celebrate and they do not focus like normal on Halloween and we are off school on thanksgiving and Christmas why should Halloween be any different. This is why I think kids should not go to school on Halloween.

  • About Halloween (Why I say no)

    I choose no because, I don't want to be off on halloween because it's so fun to show off your halloween costumes to classmates, And they won't be able to see the suprise costume, Plus you can trick or treat later, You can show off your costume, And show your teacher what you are, And why you picked the costume, And classmates give free candy too in halloween. And some people have their mom, And they're mom say "There might be evil people around there, And could give you bad candy. " So it isn't fair for classmate's people's mom's that they don't trick or treat, If halloween was off from school.

  • Halloween is fun and all, But school is way more important. . .

    I have to admit, Everyone loves Halloween, But that doesn't mean kids should take school off for it. . . Sure, Kids would love to get candy, And they'd love to be able to take all day to relax, And then be able to have fun later, But this still doesn't mean that people should get a day off from learning. It should come first. And even if you were to get off of school and get out of doing any assignments for the day, You'd get even more behind in school. Maybe if it were on Friday, But not if it were in the middle of the week like it almost always is.

  • Halloween is a holiday, but---

    You guys have to realize no one is going to be trick or treating at 12 P.M. I can imagine the Grim Reaper showing up at your door like- GOOD MORNING TRICK-OR-TREAT! Like that aint ever gonna happen. HALLOWEEN IS MEANT TO BE CELEBRATED AT THE NIGHT NOT DAY WHICH IS WHY THERE iS SCHOOL ON halLOween!

  • In my assembly;

    Someone said in my assembly you shouldn't go to school on Halloween, because it might be bad luck. Like for instance, if students didn't go to school on Halloween, only a couple of people, like Jay Fresh and Rachel Fenton, would appear at school. Honestly, you SHOULD GO to school on Halloween because it's a fun day to dress up with costumes. And also, work. I wonder why you shouldn't go to school on halloween. I like work-free days. Like sometimes, the principal (Akira Trunchbull), would notice that Rachel Fenton and Jay Fresh are at school. So the Trunchbull would be mad and look for the 2 students around the school, but he didn't catch Jay and Rachel though.
    So why SHOULDN'T you go to school on halloween?

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  • Think about when we were in school.

    Didn't you want to be let out for halloween? Obviously our kids aren't gong to be paying attention to the teachers, they will be thinking about what they are going to do tonight. Why teach if nobody is listening, or paying attention? Kids are still kids. They want to be let out of school just as we did! So, why not make them happy and accomplish something for our kids? It's just another responsibility as parent isn't it? Just making our kids happy and trying to let them have some free time. If you agree with letting your kids suffer through the day just to wait on the holiday that then they should be enjoying, Then you have a buttload of complains coming your way on halloween.

  • Halloween is not a major holiday

    I love Halloween as much as the next person, and loved it even more when I was a kid, but that does not mean kids should be let of school to celebrate. For a kid, Halloween is based around Trick or Treat, which obviously takes place during the evening. Other then that, Halloween is just another day for most kids.

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