• There are a lot of reasons.

    I think That kids should be on Reality Tv because it can be a good opportunity for them and they can make money off of it. It can be a great experience for them and it can really teach kids about how to manage real life and it can be a someones passion.

  • Because It makes sense

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  • Yes because it is a win win

    Yes kids should be on reality tv because they get paid and we get the joy of them making a foul of them self. So it is a win win and isn't harming anyone. So therefore, yes young girls and boys should be allowed to be on reality tv shows.

  • No, they shouldn't!

    I think kids should not be on reality tv. Many shows have children show personal things like crying and crushes. Cameras are circling them for many hours a day, and they don't get enough time with their families. On the tv show John and Kate Plus Eight, John divorced because he couldn't get enough privacy and time alone with his own family.

  • Kids should not be on reality television.

    Kids should not be on reality television because it is damaging to their psyche. Kids that are exposed to the world of reality TV at a young age become victim to cruel words and bullying by those who watch and the kids feel forced to fit the mold of what they are trying to portray on television.

  • No, No, No!

    Nobody under 21 should be allowed on reality TV. Shows like American Idol and The Voice allow teens, But the vocal chords don't fully mature until around ages 20 or 21. Also, Kids should be in school, Playing sports, And hanging out with friends. They get a better education in public or private school rather than being schooled by crew. In addition to banning kids on shows, There should be a requirement of a high school diploma or GED with a college degree preferred so that contestants have the basic education. Also, There's a minimum working age of 14 (16 or 18 for most companies) for a reason. School comes first for kids and shouldn't be making careers for themselves at an early age. Wait until after high school and college to be on reality TV!

  • Children should not be on reality TV shows.

    Reality TV shows are often generalised as important parts of our television viewing. It is clear to adults that not all is “real” and not all is “fake” in reality TV but how do children discern and understand reality TV. How does it affect them mentally, Physically and emotionally?
    Reality TV shows often show women idealizing beauty and body, Almost as if trying to persuade the audience that a woman’s value is solely based on her body and face and that popularity is derived from beauty. An example of this is beauty contests like America’s Next Top Model where women compete for their looks. Not only this, But in many reality TV shows there is an excessive amount of gender stereotypes and partying. Women are often portrayed as objects who have to look beautiful and a large amount of the time the women are seen fighting with each other, Cleaning, Spreading rumours, Or sexualising ordinary everyday photos to try and look more beautiful than any other person. This shows that “real” people become popular by focusing on their appearance, And to be successful, Personal image should be sexualised. Reality TV shows often depict inappropriate behaviour within groups. These shows often promote drama, Aggression and bullying if you want to get your way with something. A perfect example of this is Real Housewives which is full of women who gossip about each other, Back-stab and behave aggressively or catty-like towards one another. This gives girls an idea that gossiping, Back-stabbing and being aggressive is a normal part of a friendship and that being mean earns respect.
    Don't put your kids on TV. The kids will be pressured, Sexualised, Bullied and forced to fit into the stereotypical mold of what the directors are trying to portray. It damages their mental health, Confidence and self-esteem.
    Don't think that you're going to beat the odds and that everything will turn out great because If you're wrong, It's not just you that will be harmed. It's your children.

  • Kids should not be on reality tv

    It may give them a chance for money, But it can also lead to rumors and gossips on a young kids life, Causing the kid(s) to feel pressured and hurt at a very young age. Also, On survival reality tv shows, When they drop, It can damage their confidence and self esteem.

  • Kids should not be allowed on Reality TV.

    I think kids should not be allowed on reality TV because, If they go on a TV show that talks about personal stuff like that, They could possibly get bullied at school. They might have to speak about personal family stuff or personal stuff at school or just in their life in general.

  • Kids should not be on Reality Television

    I think kids shouldn't be on Reality TV shows because, children don't need that pressure on them on a very young age. Also because kids get there fears and there embarrassments all on TV like picking there nose and grades arguments with parents. There is a saying like Once it is on the internet it can't go of the internet. Kids should just be kids. Not having a careers at a young age, and getting watched all the time.

  • Kids Should Be the Last People on Reality TV

    They can't handle the pressure and then they get exposed and miss out on being a kid. Rachel Crow didn't handle the pressure well when she was voted off of X-Factor. Children need to have time to be a kid and not have the stress of being on TV and making a fool of themselves.

  • Kids shouldn't be on reality TV

    They shouldn't be on reality T V because it can ruin kids lives. Psychologists say that being on reality T V can make children who have or are on a reality T V show are depressed. They also can take a toll on kids lives as a whole on making them not want to accomplish anything else

  • It could damage self esteem

    Kids shouldn’t be on reality TV because of humiliation, and that can damage their self-esteem. They could lose their confidence and not try anything ever again. In fact, it would be humiliating if their friends asked them to do something, but they are so scared from loss of self-esteem that they wouldn’t do it. Plus, according to Dr. Allison Baker, a psychologist, humiliation at an early age can damage one’s self-esteem.

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