• Kids are lighter

    Kids are more lighter and can move faster and duck quicker. Adults are huge and sometimes do not duck deep enough. Adults are underestimating kids athletic skills. Beside acrobats, kids can be good at wipeout. Kids just need a chance. And besides, no one has even tried letting kids have a shot.

  • Yes kids should

    Some kids have amazing abilities to be stronger than some adults so kids are necessarily better at wipe-out than most adult. Most adults think kids are weak when there the ones who cant do a thing without breaking a sweat. That is why kids should be able to be on wipe-out!!

  • Kids should not be on Wipe Out.

    Kids should not be on Wipe Out. It is an extremely dangerous show, even for adults. They make them wear so much protective gear on that show because it is extremely physically demanding and painful to go through. Kids should not be on there because they could get very badly injured.

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