• It teaches them something

    A kid working and then receiving a reward is known as a Positive Reinforcement. Receiving money for doing chores make you more likely to continue doing them as opposed to doing chores for free. It will also prepare the child to getting used to getting paid after work. They can also learn to save for something they want at a young age. The positive effects are endless

  • Kids have their rights

    As human has rights, kids also have their rights. A kid must be paid for the work he do. A kid begins working because of his family's hardships. A kid who is working for his family must be paid money so that he can tackle his family's problems. A kid also has his own dream and life.

  • Children are already paid for working.

    According to child labor laws a child can be employed in certain jobs at certain ages, and many of the jobs the child is paid a salary, such as child actors.

    With regard to children who work for their family, they are also being paid. The child works to support their family to maintain their business in order to provide the necessities for the child: food, clothing, shelter.

    Children who work for their family should not be paid an additional salary.
    1. Parents are directly responsible for their children and must ensure their needs are taken care of and they are safe.
    2. Children should be expected to assist their family as long as it does not affect their education.
    3. Working teaches the children valuable work ethics they will use later in life.

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