• Kids should get paid

    I mean after all they are at school all day like a work shift attending to do work. Of course elementaries no, But, As they gradually get older they need some kind of meaning and deserve the support to help each child better understand the meaning of life more as they are an adult.

  • Going to school is like going to work.

    Getting paid will help reduce the risk of going poor & stealing. It's not fair for students to not have money. They don't have money at all these days, They go to school to be educated up to 7 hours a day, Usually 5 days a week & not get paid. They don't need to get paid a whole lot, Just $10 weekly for Elementary kids, $15 weekly for Junior high or Middle School kids & $25 for High School kids will do. All kids at all grades should also get paid 10 cents per point on assignments, Quizzes, Projects, Etc. Which means 48 cents on an assignment you got a 4. 8 on. They want/need to buy stuff in school but don't have money. They need to get paid so that way they can buy things in school. High school students have to pay to get in to the dance, Spend $100s on graduation supplies & $1000s to go on a trip.

  • It's like getting paid training.

    Kids and teen, Including young adults learn in the K through 12 education stage and are usually in it about 7 hours a day for boring learning. They need to get paid but not a whole lot, I say just a weekly pay of $10 for Elementary students, $15 for grades 7 and 8, $25 for high school students, And none for preschools and pre K because they don't pay for anything and everything is paid just for them. All K through 12 students at all ages should also get paid 10 cents per point on their assignments, Projects, Tests, And quizzes, That should mean 48 cents on an assignment if you have a 4. 8 on it. High school students have a lot of thing to pay in school like pay to get in to the dance, Football games, Basketball games, And wrestling matches, But some don't have money at all because they don't get paid to learn, They can't work work, Their parents always have to be the ones giving them money but sometimes they run out of cash. High school seniors in America have to pay $100s for graduation supplies, Yearbook ads and $1000s for go on a senior trip right after graduation, They need to get paid because of it. Getting paid will help avoid becoming a robbery suspect, Burglarizing a place, Etc.

  • Yes they should get paid to go to school

    Well I know that it is definitely not fair for adults getting paid to go to work and we do not get paid to go to school. Guess what??!
    We have homework and homework and two words home and WORK!!!
    Hey it has the word work in it so it is not fair that children do not get paid for doing WORK!!!!!!

  • Well you do not know what the purpose it is that the child is saving the money they get from going to school.

    Since they are saving up some of the money for going to school you do not know the purpose of this. The child might be saving the money for many good purposes such as educational books and a lot more to do with education. So take my advice and pay your kids to go to school.

  • They should get paid at least in middle school through high school

    Students should be paid at least middle school through high school because it would be a great motivation for them and at least 5$ a day for perfect attendance, all work done, and great attitude because i know because i get ready go to my classes but when i'm in there i'm just looking at a person talk with what motivation the law breathing on my parents and my neck to get me to school

  • Plz dont bully

    I think kids should be paid to not fight. Some kids will fight out of anger and if there happy getting money, then they won't fight out of anger. Some people will bully and it will be for no reason right. What if they just want your money. What if now they dont bully you anymore because they don’t need your money anymore.

  • Yes kids should be paid

    If they are poor they would be able to afford school if they get paid and they would be able to help their parents. Think about other people not just think about yourself. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • School is lot's of work!!!

    If older people get paid to work shouldn't the kids get paid!!! School is a lot of work. No kids enjoy school so if we get paid we will have a fun time. The kids don't want much money only 50 cents a week. I am in 10th grade so take my advice.

  • Kids hate school

    Most kids hate school!! We get forced to go!! Sometimes it is not even fun. So why should we do it? I personally only like gym and music class. School is a waste of my time!! I could be at home doing something important like basketball. But instead I'm here at school.

  • No way hosay!!!

    I think the main reason is cheating. Cheating is abominable and if students are getting paid to go to school this will just encourage it even more. Some students couldn’t care less about their grades if they are getting paid. For all they care, they could ignore the teacher all day long and still be earning money. They could cheat in tests if they earn more money for getting higher grades. Their parents wouldn’t appreciate this at all they could try all different things to try and stop them for example they could higher a tutor, take the money off their child or take away their privileges but it doesn’t matter what the parents do the child will not stop cheating until they stop earning money.

  • No, the teachers only get paid.

    They get goodies and surprises in baggies on valentine's day or something from the teachers and staff, but kids can't. No money! At Harrisburg Elementary, we try to keep kids money free. We award them with a fun eraser or cool pencil if they get A+, but we say no to money.

  • No, kids should not be paid to go to school.

    I believe that kids should not be paid to go to school. It should be an expectation that kids go to school and do their best. They don't need to get "rewarded" for going to school by getting money. If you start paying kids to go to school, they will want to be paid for everything they do.

  • Students shouldn't be paid to go to school

    264 million kids can't go to school even if they want to, While students who do go to school, All they do is muck around the whole day. They think it is an obvious thing to go to school, It's not. AND even if they do get paid, It will not urge them to work harder, They will think since I'm already getting paid, Working hard doesn't matter.

  • Student should, Only get paid if they put in an effort to do the work.

    If students have the prospect of getting paid, Then they might put more effort into it. At the beginning of the year, Parents can start a savings acount for student, And putting in $50 to start off. The intrest will build the money If the kids grades proved good that money would then go to college or after graduation there own purposes thus the title "getting paid" because of this students would be able to go to college or use it to help them finacely. One easy solution.
    -8th grader altoona middle school

  • They should not

    Students would just think that getting payed would be a good idea but heres the thing if they get paid in the morning for going to school they just won't pay attention in class because all they would think about is attending school to get money and not paying attention in class because they already got what they wanted.

  • Not necessary !!

    Its just not needed. What is the point of this ? Why should they be paid ? If you wrote out a paragraph on why they should be paid & why they shouldn't i'm sure the one with the title ; Pay students , would have really stupid backup and reasoning. If your kids are paid to go to school do you know if they are the ones doing the work or are they cheating ? If your kid isn't getting his/her own answers why should they be paid for "using someone else's mind"

  • Like no why noooooooooooooooooooooo

    So all you 84 percent pepole are saying im sorry i respect everyone opinion bt that menes youre paying a five yeare old to go to sclool that meanes youre paaying your five yeare old child to go to scholl for money not edu. Thats litterly what a 24 yeare old man gets paid like all youre kids are gonna do is is spend it on ice creame tht one doller can make a homeless person day,.

  • No, they should definitely not, It would be a disaster!

    This is stupid, it shouldn't even be a debate. The world isn't made to be paid money to do stupid crap like go to school. That's why we have jobs. Teachers are underpaid and under appreciated and should not have to sit with kids who wouldn't be listening if they were paid. I think teachers should get paid more they are educating us to become better people for our community and should get paid way more then their minimal wage.

  • No that kids shouldn't

    Because they will come even if there sick.Also they will come to school because they wont pay a tension to school.Another reason is because they will spend the money on thing they don't need. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..

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