Should kids be permitted to have a job such as mowing yards or baby-sitting if their grades are poor?

  • Restrict electronics, not work

    Yes, let them have their job. Work is part of life.

    If your child really was trying then talk to their teacher, maybe even a counselor, get them a tutor, rather than punishing them.

    But if it is clear they are not making the effort then they need to be punished. Telling them to stop working is not the way to go about this. Work is part of life. Instead restrict entertainment time. Put on the parental controls and only allow them to come off for educational material (and only if your child shows you they got their homework done). Lock the video game consoles in the cupboard. Tell your child they can have those privileges back once their grades improve. We all do need to take some time to refresh, so you can still let your kid play board games (which enriches the brain). Simply restricting electronics should be enough.

  • Yes because school grades

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  • Kids should have jobs

    Kids should have jobs because It could help them earn money, and help them learn how to be Moreno mature and responsible. Kids should be able to take the responsibility of a job so they don't mess up in the future. It's a great opportunity for kids to see and know what a job is like and to make them feel older and more mature. I mean, what's wrong with kids having a job?

  • Kids should have jobs

    Kids should have jobs because they should know what it's like to have a job for when they are older, and to be more mature. If they don't know how to take the responsibility of a job, they might mess up in the future! I mean, what's wrong with kids having jobs?

  • What's wrong with a summer job earning money?

    If your kids grades are suffering, what are you as a parent doing to help improve their education? If you're not sending them off to summer school or spending the money on tutors, or sitting them down and educating them in their worst subjects, then you're setting them up for failure. So they may as well earn a little bit of money instead of sitting in front the TV playing video games.

  • Of course they should

    I do not see any correlation at all between good grades and jobs like baby sitting, what does one have to do with the other.

    This is perpetuating the problem with a society obsessed with academia. School is only one part of the child's life and only one part of their learning. Many kids who don't do well at school learn a lot more by being out in the world and earning real money.

  • School of Life

    Having a job such as lawn mowing or babysitting is part of the school of life. As kids get older, they take on more responsibilities. It's up to parents whether or not kids should have jobs while they have bad grades. However, real life lessons such as having a job while going to school can be equally as valuable as getting straight A's on a report card.

  • Of Course not!!

    Kids have to care for their studies, homeworks, and tests. If they got poor grades they have to learn from their fault and start to study harder, but if they got a job like mowing yards then they won;t be able to study hard, mowing yards will waste their time.

  • Kids and jobs

    People ask should kids have jobs,and I say no. Why because kids have school and homework, plus kids should be kids. Let the adults go to work and pay the taxes. Because kids don't have a house to pay for or they don't need money to support a family. The parents do that so I say let the kids be the kids and the parents be the parents.

  • Kids and jobs

    No because they all ready have school and life as a kid. So don't rush in parent life let the kids be a kid. Maybe when there near graduation have them get a job for money for collage.But not a kid kid. Because what do they need,more toys? So I say let the kids be the kids.

  • Kids Job Is School

    I believe a child's first priority should be education. If they are not capable of keeping up their grades then they should not be working. They should be spending extra time at home concentrating on the subjects that give them the most trouble. Working should not be essential for children.

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