Should kids be permitted to have their own bedrooms?

  • I thinks kids should have their own room.

    I think kids should have thaeirno room to have their space. Especially if you don't want your kids to leave to other places on their own yet. Kids need their own space so they can feel free just in the room. Everything helps a kid to be happy even the fact that they have their own room. But I think it work to make them share a room first then when they reach an age of 12 they would appreciate the fact that they have their own room.

  • Yes children should get to have their own rooms

    I am 13 years old and still share a bedroom with my 9 year old sister. When sharing are room the eager of privacy and space is increased as you get older. You feel the need to want to have your own space and privacy. It is hard enough everyday getting dressed and undressed infront of my younger sister. Sharing a room also affects the way me and my sister treat each other, as a 13 year old I should have the privellage to call my room ‘ home’. Unfortunately that is not the case since my sister is always taking up every last bit of space. Having to share a room also make it harder to sleep, I feel that if I had my own room sleeping would be so much easier. Having my own room also means that I can decorate my room however I want without having to deal with the pink and purple surrounding in my room because of my sister. Having my own room can also benefit my academic results because I have the privacy to study for tests which I find very irritating when sharing a room. As a result of all the consequences I think that children should have their own room as young as possible.

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  • Of course yes

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  • Kids needs privacy

    Kids always needs their privacy when they get old. I mean a teen. Younger kids might distract the teens. Teens wants to wake up early and play games, listen to music, or dress up by their selfs. They need a quiet place to sleep too. Teens might wake up because of its little kids.

  • Yes and no.

    I think all kids deserve to have their bedroom so they have somewhere to go and just be themselve and not worry about the stress of school or having to do chores. However, some families just can't afford to buy a bigger house and it is needed for them to share rooms.

  • Kids should be permitted to have their own bedrooms.

    There is nothing wrong with kids having their own bedrooms. If a house has enough space, kids should be allowed to live in their own room. They can learn to be independent by living alone, and they can have a quiet place to study and do their work after school.

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