Should kids be permitted to purchase or buy whatever they want to with their own money or allowance?

  • Yes They Should!

    Kids work hard to earn their own money, Probably harder than other things they work for. If they earn this money, They should be allowed to spend it on whatever they want (legally). After all, Don't we adults spend our money on what we choose to buy (without any restrictions)?

  • Yes they should!

    They should spend thgeir allowance because that way when they grow up they will know how to buy and they will have more responsibility because of their experiences of buying things and that way they will know what's good and what's bad. ;)That was my reason why kids should spend their allowance.

  • Yes, however in the right way.

    They should be allowed to have some freedom in choosing what theyy would like to buy. It could be some toys, junk or anythinf to be honest. However, it is the parents job to either teach what is right for them to buy and not leave them hanging. Fore example, it is unwise for a kid to do drugs, so that sense needs to be in them. It acctually depends on the child, if he is responsible or not. They should be exposed on how to spend money

  • Yes, kids should be able to spend their own money on what they want.

    First off it's their money, therefore they should be able to do what they want with it. If they buy cigarettes or drugs, then that's a personal choice that is up to them. I believe kids should be able to spend their hard earned money on whatever they want. If parents would let their kids do that then, the kids would believe that their parents trust them to make their own choices. Kids should be allowed to spend their cash on whatever their heart desires.

  • Yes , let them

    Kids , teenagers all have a passion , some of them work really hard , always do there chores like they been ask to do .... Me myself , i couldn't buy what ever i want when i was a kid and these where the days i regret alot , the days i could got things that i love , really love but i couldn't , it's bad to not let them to .... Parents thinks it's useless it's not worth , they are right some where but we all learn by our mistakes , we all learn by regretting that's when we won't do the same mistakes again ... So let them

  • Kids work hard

    To earn an allowance they should have the right to be able to buy what they want as long as it is age appropriate. How would you feel if you work hard and can't buy what you want with your allowance unless you have strict parent approval parents do what's right and step up.

  • YES,yes they should have the liberty to choose what they buy. :3

    Kids work hard for there money and save for things they want but if you are on con and say (bla bla bla kids hsould not be able to buy what they want be cause they couldf buy drugs or inappropriate things well that a whole diffrent level and story plus when they do buy things they can do it with liberty and have the comfirmation of there parents.

  • They should be allowed

    If the parents keep buying them everything they would become spoiled brats, if they have their own saving account they should have the right to buy what they want to with it, that goes the same if they have an allowance, but our parents keep saying no and that isn't right what happen to equal rights for everyone there was the black rights and the woman rights evolution but what about kids right?
    Yes because kids should learn how to count money own money and spend it.It is reponsibility if they lose it they lose and learn from their mistakes.It gets them feady for the ral world that is almost all about money. If they buy something bad it is the parents fault for not being by their side.

    I think they should because if their parents buy everything for them they will get spoiled. They have to be ready to buy stuff for themselves when they are grown up.
    I think they should buy things with their own money because the parents are not buying it for their kids. If the kids spend their money on something that costs a lot and they have just the right amount of money for that thing they have spent all of their money and that is their choice that they made.

    I myself as a kid would be pretty disappointed if I couldn't buy what I wanted from the store with my money. If we were able to do this I could buy myself a better phone,tv and anything else i'd need maybe snacks. Then my parents wouldn't have to pay for what I want and they could save a lot of money for what they buy for me. Finally what are kids going to do with drugs! I know for one I am disgusted by drugs or alcohol I would not buy that stuff because I care about my heath
    I think kids should be allowed to buy whatever we want with OUR hard earned money because things kids would usually buy is like a game or candy. What would a kid do with some drugs? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Kids are still kids and if a child wants to buy something and they can't then it's not right because we earned that money and what's the point if we can't spend it?

  • Yes they deserve to control their money like they want

    Kids work hard for their money. They do chores, they do work for other people and alot more... And how do you want them to be self-reliance if f f f f f f f f f f f ff f jf ff ff f f fff f f f f

  • Yes the should be permitted to buy whatever they want with there own money.

    They should be allowed because they have earned your have got the money that they are using to buy whatever they want. They might just want to buy lollies it should be there choice. They might want to splurge they money on plastic toys or junk food or un needed stuff. Thanks :)

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  • No never disgutsting

    Kids should not buy whatever they want because they can buy because my son buys useless things!Ugh he kills my heart when i see his dad let him!I will 100 percent teach whats right and wrong for a better furture and he needs to teach his kids this one day

  • No they shouldn't

    3. They should not be permitted to buy or purchase whatever they want to because: they may spend all their money on things and get in debt. Lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l ll ll l l l l l l

  • No they shouldn't

    This is because most kids waste money on buying stupid junk, maybe cigarettes or even drugs. If they were taught by their parents on how to spend money wisely ,they could easily become a successful business man in the future. Think about it, wouldn't it be a waste of money to let them use 10s of 100 of dollars to buy useless stuff

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  • No they should not

    I personally think that kids should not be able to buy whatever they want with their own money because they could buy weapons, drugs, or inappropriate content. If you're ten years on younger, all of your gift money should go to a bank account. If they're able to buy whatever they want, they're going to waste their own money on useless things such as candy or junk food.

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  • No they should be able to not buy

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