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  • It is just the way of life

    When you grow older life is a lot tougher so you need things that will make you feel down to earth and stable and what would be better than a good lot of spring cleaning and lots of people think cleaning the house is unenjoyable but it can be very fun and a good bonding acivities

  • Should children be forced to accomplish simple household chores??

    Many people are now debating whether children should be forced to do household chores. For millenniums, children have been completing jobs for their parents. Many of these jobs were extremely dangerous such as: chimney sweeps (where children were forced to climb up chimneys with small brushes to clean out


  • Yes Trump for President

    Kids need to learn important stuff so they don't die! Learn to do stuff not off the internet! My favorite food is the food I work for ughh. Kids should do stuff because they should. Vote Trump for President! Unsubscribe from pewdiepie and every single youtuber on the planet ughh.

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  • Yes Chores will help kids

    Yes, i do believe kids should have chores. Statistically kids will have a structure and responsibility when they grow up. Kids will also know what they're doing when they have a spouse, family, and a house. I am 11 years old i do chores every day, read 20 minutes a day, and i practice school work. Reading is also good for you i get 30/30 in all my math, and i got bumped up a grade and my reading level is the highest you can get in my grade. Reading and chores are very good for kids. I know kids have school but there is more than just school in life.

  • Kids Need to do chores

    I know all you people say kids don't need to do chores, but they do. Kids will have better structure when they get older and will be in the habit of not being slobs and will keep the house clean. I am 11 and I do chores every day and I read for 20-30mins a day. I also study my math and school work before I play any game or electronic. It is very important for kids to do chores so they will also have COMMON SENSE!

  • Yes yes common

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    Posted by: umin
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  • Learn to do something

    If you learn you don't have to do work when you get a job you will think you can slack off and do thing you what to do... But i also believe that the child should get some type of money or reward when you do it. STOP BE-IN LAZY

  • I say no

    Kids are just kids. They already have enough home work to do that they should not need to do chores. It also takes away outdoor time. Chores tire the kids out and they can not do there work properly if they are tired. That's why I say kids should not be required to do chores.

  • Too much work along with homework

    You cannot monitor the law efficiently because you would need either a hi tech camera system or lots of officials and how would you enforce it. You cannot fine kids a million dollars just because they didn't do their chores. The law is pointless because kids already do chores. We don't need a law.

  • They're just kids

    Why should a kid have to do chores as just a kid. I mean, i agree, maybe it would give them some taste of responsibility but they're just kids! They have enough stress riding on them on them already with home work, peer pressure, school life, social plans, friends, etc.

  • Do you want them to become great housekeepers?

    If your children's free time is spent vacuuming and doing dishes, what do you think they will become good at in life? If I'd never had time to watch TV or do internet surfing, chances are I'd never know as an adult what my passions are and wouldn't find a job or start a business that allows me to pursue those. We adults complain about workplace bureaucracy whereby there is a disconnect between what you are motivated to do because you will get an emotional payoff and what you are told to do for salary (and children don't even get a salary for chores). Part of growing up is learning to make decisions. If you're telling them what to do, they won't really learn the importance of it. I know children don't pick whether they get to go to school so some things are forced, but we live in a society of free trade and not slavery. Individuals get to choose what they want for their own gain.

  • Kids should not have to do chores.

    We have sports, school, work, homework, and other extracurricular activities. We have so much stress as it is and then you want us to come home and work more just to do more work after that? I go from sports to school to work to my house so I can do chores and homework and then I go to sports again. I don't have the endurance to keep the good grades you parents want and keep our extra curricular activities good for college resumes too.. It's a lot to deal with. Especially during finals week

  • They already have a lot to do

    Kids already have homework and other stressful things from school. They do not need any more stress to worry about. If they do not have to do chores, they can socialize and play outside. You can also use that time doing other resourceful things. They need fresh air and time to play with siblings and friends! And don't forget that they need time to do homework!

  • Kids need to rest

    Kids need to rest from school. They go to school for 7 or8 hours and that is so boring but they need to rest for some time to not be sleepey the next day of school. And kids already have responsibility to go to school and do work and home work

  • It's not fair for kids to have to do 30 minutes of chores a day.

    Kids that are five and under need help with their chores this is because they are too young to do things by themselves. Having a law that forces kits to do chores is not fair because of the ages and conditions of the kids. Some of the kids may have health problems that prevent them in moving parts of their body.

  • They need to have fun

    Children already have enough work they need to do, like homework. They need to go out and play, and get some fresh air. If they have chores, then the whole day is spent with no free time at all. Children are not adults. They cannot work 13-15 hours a day.

  • Children need some rest

    In my opinion I think children should not do household chores because children already have homework and other stressful thing from school.
    Kids need to have some rest from school because they go to school for 7 or 8 hours they need sometime to rest for some time so that kids don't sleepy at the next day of school. If they do household chores and not be able to do their homework they will get scolding from teachers. So I think children should not have household chores to do.

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