Should kids be required to learn Spanish in schools?

Asked by: dragonsteel13
  • Foreign languages are good

    In the US, there is a high and rapidly increase in the Hispanic population and most schools (like my own) have students that only speak Spanish. I take Spanish class and where I live there's a high Spanish population. It is very helpful and kinda fun to learn a different language. If you take Italian, why not take Spanish? Hasta luego mi amigos!

  • Help spanish only speaking people feel allowed to live!!!!!!!!

    If everyone hated u, how would u feel? I know how i would feel, i would be so depressed that i wouldn't FEEL ALLOWED TO LIVE. Now look at u guys wanting them kicked out and then truth be told thinking that building a wall between the two countries(us and mexico)is a brilliant idea and then everything will be peachy, no more crimes, no more supposedly bad country that we have to make great again according to trump. I would atleast want my kids and myself be able to help people who r apparently outcasts in where they LIVE!
    U know these poor people thought that came to a country where they could be free and not picked on, but apparently they were SOOOOOOOO wrong.

  • Its more than a language.

    Education is more than merely gaining utility for future experiences. While the knowledge gained from schools is sometimes used, it is not always the case. Those in opposition to learning Spanish seem to think that since English is a world language, and the American school system teaches it, there is no need for any other world language. However, those opposed have failed to consider the multiplicity of languages, used worldwide they know. Math, physics and chemistry, used worldwide, are languages we all learn. Much like Spanish, English, or Mandarin they allow those versed in the language to carry on conversations and translate ideas from one person to another. It is not the case that everyone who learns these languages-Math, Chemistry and physics- will use the gained knowledge in their life, but they all have the opportunity to. Education is more than simply gaining a skill pertinent to your future trade, it is about becoming an enlightened and contributing member to society. Education opens many doors directly proportional to the amount of knowledge covered. Schooling was not designed for comfort, it was meant to teach, so as long as learning is occurring there is no wasted 45 minutes 5 times a week. By learning Spanish we as a country become more intelligent and open doors for ourselves, is that not the intent of education?

  • A door to being multicultural

    Spanish is the second most spoken language in America and children should learn and be encouraged to speak other languages. It opens to the door for them to learn about another culture than their own. America is a beautiful melting pot of race,culture and religion and that should be celebrated. Also when that child gets older knowing another language will look good on their resume especially if that child goes into the fields of government,medical, law enforcement etc.

  • Secondary languages promote a more intelligent public.

    Spanish is the closest thing to a second language in the United States. For centuries now, the US public has been largely ignorant of other cultures and languages. I think its time to change that, and speaking Spanish is a boon to one's economic success anyway. Why should jingoism, isolationism, or supposed difficulty influence curriculum? Start language classes earlier, it doesn't have to be Spanish but that's a good, easy start.

  • We shouldn't have to learn it to "accommodate" all the illegals crossing our border.

    It is not up to use and the political correct idiocy crowd t make sure that people who invariably break our laws should feel right at home, those people should always fear being deported back and not be able to feel any sense of security in the fact that they can confide in anyone, harsh yes, but we shouldn't have to accommodate people who are law breakers.

  • A waste of time.

    I have to learn Spanish in my school, and no one likes it. We always have bad teachers (nice people, not good at teaching) and no one has every ACTUALLY used it in the real world. Sure, it's a world language, but so is Mandarin or ENGLISH??? Hello?
    I guess I just find it illogical we have to waste forty five minutes, four times a week, on a language no one has ever used outside of class (or for some, even heard outside of class).

  • Not at all

    Its just a really long boring class. I'm a student and I don't even know why we are learning Spanish. Do we really need to, when will we ever need it? It's not just me, maybe some of the other students in my school don't want to learn it. So I say no.

  • Not a national language.

    No, we shouldn't. It is not a national language and as such should not be forced upon kids. If kids want to learn a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th language they can do it outside of school and pick the language they want to learn. There is no reason to force Spanish (or any other non-national language) on anyone.

  • When do we use it

    Most people forget Spanish after going to college, So its useless for us to learn it. Instead of Spanish, We could take other classes that will actually help us in life. Learning another language is not only useless, It causes more stress, And is unfair. The people who speak Spanish as a primary language have an advantage, Unlike those who don't.

  • Much better languages

    I agree with learning other languages but I can't agree with learning spanish at all. I'd prefer my daughter to learn a language that is actually useful for advancement. You want to deal with high end international business then learn japanese, political things maybe Russian or german, scientific then definitely some Russian. Staying at home in the US and doing business, doesn't hurt to learn Greek as many business owners are Greek. I deal with businesses as well as state and federal government on a regular basis and I can't think of a single person who speaks spanish that I ever looked at and thought, hey, learning his language could help me make big bucks. I can only hope my daughter doesn't resort to running crappy ass businesses that employ cheap "spanish" labor.

  • Why does it has to be SPANISH??

    I understand where the people who support foreign languages come from. I agree that today's world is indeed a very globalized world, and it is indeed true that learning a foreign language is crucial for the children of the next generation to become competitive in the job market when they grow up. However, Spanish is not the only language out there. Most of the world doesn't speak Spanish. And most of the major countries don't speak Spanish either. In fact, none of the top 10 economies in the world speaks Spanish, and the only developed country in the world that speaks Spanish is Spain. In my opinion, Chinese is a much more valuable and useful language compared to Spanish, because it's spoken by people in the 2nd largest economy in the world, and soon to be the largest.

  • No, we shouldn't

    While I know the number of spanish speaking people are increasing in the US. As a student, I retain very little of the language that I've been forced to learn about since 2nd grade. All I've actually seen it do is frustrate me and my classmates. I believe that Spanish is a nice bonus trait and a nice bonus activity, it shouldn't be a requirement for students.

  • Spanish is too boring

    Spanish is boring. Why can't we learn a different language? We do not even live in Spain or Mexico. We could spend time on something else other than Spanish. If you have a test, you will have to study. If you have a Spanish test,you will probably have to study forever.

  • No, Kids shouldn't be forced to feed the unassimilation of immigrants who refuse to take on the american culture.

    Learning another language is fantastic, it just shouldn't be the language of the largest number of illegal immigrants. Learn German, French, Mandarin, even mandarin I don't see the point in learning since most Chinese people that Americans will encounter speak English. I think children should learn about the culture not the language. I also Don't think that we should waste resources for something that has proved to be incredibly unreliable for learning a language, plus most students don't care about learning another language because they know they most likely wont use it very much or at all.

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