• Kids should be required to wear uniforms

    Kids should be required to wear uniforms. This is because of the fact that many studies have been done on children who wear uniforms versus children who do not. The results of these studies have indicated that children who wear uniforms are far more obedient and less distracted by personal style choices.

  • Yes I think so

    I think that kids should be required to wear uniforms to school. I think that wearing uniforms has more benefits than it does negative side effects. I know that kids do not like to wear uniforms, but it really is in their best interest. They go to school to learn and to help them become better citizens of this counry. School is not a fashion show.

  • Kids should be required to wear uniforms.

    Kids should wear uniforms because they are good for their self esteem. If kids have to compete with each other over style and fashion, someone will inevitably end up with hurt feelings. It is better to simply make everyone wear a uniform so that everyone will be equal and they do not have to worry about this kind of thing.

  • Uniforms relieve some stress of school

    Yes, I believe that kids should be made to wear uniforms to school. If everyone is in the same outfit, then there is little to no room to pick at an individual about what styles they are not able to wear. It may reduce some bulling, at least that is done based on the clothes and physical appearance. Parents that cannot afford clothes every year are able to recycle clothes for the previous year or child which may help families financially.

  • Supports A Better Learning Environment

    I believe it would be far better for our public schools to adopt uniform policies. These policies guide students to wear very similar clothing, which helps them focus more on studies, rather than the appearance of their peers. I know uniforms are not popular, but they make the classroom environment more condusive to learning.

  • Yes. School uniforms can be very beneficial!

    Yes. Requiring our youth to wear uniforms at their school would be very beneficial. Some children are bullied every day, simply because they aren't able to wear the cool clothes that the other kids are wearing. Requiring school uniforms takes this type of bullying out of the equation by making all students look equal.

  • Kids should not wear uniforms

    Kids should not wear uniforms because they are a wast of money some parents don't even have the money! In most stores they don't even have uniforms also if you can't find them how will you go to school will you be kicked out of class? If you see some one else who can't afford uniforms you might get jealous and backfire at them and start a fight. So it is better to not have uniforms

  • No uniforms should not be required.

    Uniforms should not be required in schools. I do think that every school should have a uniform option for students if they choose to wear it, but it should not be mandatory. To take it a step further if a kid keeps breaking the dress code then maybe making a uniform mandadory for them would be a way to go.

  • Uniforms are useful of the child chooses to wear it

    Uniforms have many benefits, including reduced clothing costs for parents and increased grades, but often at the cost of a child's self expression. Uniforms by their nature unify the appearance of those who wear them. This conformity is not desirable for many, and can even be dangerous for others, especially when at home they may have even less ability to express themselves. A relaxed dress code, perhaps which an approved list of styles, is much more appropriate and allows for a greater degree of expression for the child. Kids may not be independent, today, but they are the future adults, so they should be respected.

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