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  • Yes kids should get paid

    Parents get stressed a lot after a log day of work so if kids help and get paid parents will be able to relax and take a load off. Also it will help them gene responsibility so they will learn to manage their money. That is why I think that they should get paid.

  • Kid getting rewarded

    I think yes because kids work to earn money but if you do chores you should get an alownence for doing your house choure. If you do your chores though you get a clean house clothes and much more like clean rooms nad clean every thing in your house also it is being kind.

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  • They should because they

    They need to get rewarded because it teaches them that to earn money you need to work.
    And it motivates kids to do chores more often like to het extra time . That is why I think kids SHOULD get rewarded or payed to do chores around the house. This is why

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  • Si they shoud

    Children can learn life time experince for doing chores like washing the dishes and might i just say yesssss we should get prizes peace out every one babababab bab baba babab baba abbab abba abba abba abab bababb babba abbabb bbab bab a babab babbabba babab babab babab abbab babb

  • They need to be thanked and they will know u love them for all they do

    They love to have there own money but u don't award them so they get most of there money by doing chores.Some people may not believe in that but u need to because u don't have to give them a lot just give like five dollar that would not hurt at all really.

  • Yes kids should get rewarded.

    They should get paid, due to the fact that they will develop good money management skills, and will learn that it is natural for them to get money. I understand that some people think that kids will just demand to get more money, but I think that this is highly unlikely.

  • Parents word hard enough!

    Parents work their butts off to put a roof over their kids' heads! Sure some kids complain that their parents are unfair because they don't get paid for doing chores. But kids who complain about that, think about it, you get food, you have a place to sleep, you have a roof over your head don't you? Try and put yourself in your parents shoes and think about everything I just said.

  • Should kids be rewarded for doing chores?

    No, kids shouldn't be rewarded because they shouldn't rely on parents to do everything for them. Also you actually do get rewarded because who buys the food, water, and bills? In conclusion, I think kids shouldn't be paid for something they should do to help there family out because your parents do a lot.

  • They should not get rewarded

    Because it's wasting their parents money and gives parents stress if they don't have money at the time. Also, Giving kids money for doing chores is a way of spoiling them.Those are the reasons why kids should not get rewarded for doing their chores.What do you think about this debate.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    They shouldn't get a reward because, should you get paid for helping around the house or should you just help anyways and not get paid? I just don't get it. I understand that it will help them deal with money, but research shows that only one percent of children that get rewarded for doing chores actually saves some of their money. That is why I believe children shouldn't get rewarded for doing chores.

  • Kids need to do chores

    First, the parents need help around the house and they need to do it! Also kids will expect to get a reward every day. Doing chores can be fine if you don't get a reward. It helps your parents relax. If you get a dollar every time you do chores you would get a lot of money. That's why kids should not get a reward.

  • Kid are awesome

    When your parent say are you going to pay for it and u say no I don't have any money because u don't pay me to do any chores around the house and u should because I can learn a valauable lesson and u can teach to mow the lawn

  • Should kids be rewarded for doing chores

    No because some kids are spoiled enough, so rewarding them would make them even more spoiled then they are. And what would the reward be. Probably something like candy or a caned soda. I mean if i did all my chores i would want CASH!!!! That why i said NO!

  • Should they really?

    No, they are doing what the parents tell them to do and that is not okay even if the parents don't tell them they should still clean up their messes. Some kids or children get extra computer time for taking out the trash "I mean really." That is why I say noooooo.

  • They should not be spoiled

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  • Yes They Should

    I that children should because then that way the kids get prepped for actual work in the foreword future for them. Also because Kids are not just sitting them down and letting the be lazy really is bad so then are super motivated to get some money for needs, Wants.

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