• Kids should be suspended because the victims could have so much pain that they commit suicide

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  • Bullying is horrible

    The schools need to take urgent action cause they don't know what's going over the victim's minds and maybe suspending the will let the parents of the assaulters know what they are doing and maybe help them and suspending them will also make them think again of what they are doing.

  • Stop bullying now

    People end their lives because of bullying. So be sure you are not the reason why.Bullying is a horrible legacy to leave but standing up for people is a great one.So instead of being the bully be the helper when you see someone bullying then stand up and stop it.

  • Yes they should

    This is so since bullies cause suicide, change in character, and dropout rates to increase. Have you ever thought about what it like to ACTUALLY be bullied. It never is good. Yet some people do it for amusement and some do it just to humiliate another. Sometimes people get so afraid that they dont eat and they end up in the hospital. How would you feel if that was you. BOOOOOOOM!!!!!

  • YES because bullies are causing suicide

    In this past year so many kids I go to school with have cuts them selves and or attempted suicide. As I have never attempted suicide I am sure the friends of mine would love if the reason they were trying to heart themselves finally got a taste of there own medicine but without anyone being heart in the process. As the kid being punished for being a bully would get a taste of there own medicine kids would probably still do it but after a couple times of being in trouble they might learn there lesson

  • I’m a victim of bullying

    I only have one thing to say why have they not done this yet my god it would stop a lot of suicides in teenagers and drop outs it stupid how the bully’s think it’s funny when it’s not I’m currently being bullied in my school my mother almost had to sue the school because mine doesn’t do anything about bullying they sit there and let it happen if only there was a law oh wait there is in every state and yet no one does a thing about it

  • Bullying Harms Kids, Bullies need to feel the pain

    I was an unfortunate victim of bullying. Some days the pain from bullying was so bad I wanted to stay home. In School Suspension is even enough, just removing the bully from those that encourage the bullying is needed. Often a bully will be encouraged or motivated by others since watching the bullying seems entertaining, when a bully is separated from them, the behavior stops. Also necessary is a referral to the School counselor and note in a bullies file.

  • I believe kids should be suspended for bullying.

    Yes because what they only want to do is harm others that they think wont stand up for themselves. Bullies should also be suspended bc peeps that are bullied can take many things personal. One time this girl called me ugly and the girls were laughing in class and then I told my teacher and then she told the principal.

  • They should be

    Bullies harm people. It can hurt others feelings. More kids drop out of school because of bullying. There are many types of bullying too. The is cyber bullying, teasing, physical, and mental. Adults need to something about this. They have the power to change and eradicate bullying from the world.

  • Yes, bullies should be suspended.

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  • No no no no no

    What would suspending them do they get time off school. We don't even know if the parent will do anything chances are that the parent won't know so the kid gets to slack off and when he goes back to school he wouldn't even learn a lesson BOOM ! !

  • No the should get iss not suspended out of school

    Iss is where a teacher can monitor the student and make sure the student does not cause trouble. Getting suspended should be for like for example punching a ta or a teacher or ditching school not for being a bully until the behavior continues until the teacher see the bully pushing or punching the peer

  • No They should be expelled

    Bullies are despicable things. I was beaten by bunch of kids at school but the school didn't do anything! So my parents moved me to other schools. They should be expelled and has to have their bully record in their permanent record. They need to feel the pain as much as the kid they bullied did.

  • No They should be expelled

    Bullies are despicable things. I was beaten by bunch of kids at school but the school didn't do anything! So my parents moved me to other schools. They should be expelled and has to have their bully record in their permanent record. They need to feel the pain as much as the kid they bullied did.

  • Adults are failing these children!

    There are two issues in schools surrounding this topic:
    1. Our young adults are not as resilient as they once were
    2. Bullies
    These two things are oil and vinegar. We have a generation of victims mixed in with bullies. We have to determine what actual bullying is. Some students get suspended for bullying over very minor incidents (i. E. Said something mean to someone ONE TIME but the student filed a "bullying report")
    These teenagers will grow into adults. Sometimes, They will encounter nasty people in the real world. If we constantly remove them in their high schools, We are not creating a real-life scenario.
    Should the kids bully, No? But AS ADULTS AND EDUCATORS, We should put more energy into figuring out what is going on w/ the student who is bullying. We cannot just hang up posters around schools and suspend bullies and think it goes away.
    Sending them home is similar to putting an iPAD in front of a screaming toddler. We aren't addressing the issues.
    Bullies should NOT be suspended. If physical fights happen, By all means, Suspend. . . But otherwise, The kids belong in school (whether that's with a therapist or in ISS (In School Suspension). STOP SENDING THEM HOME FOR SAYING MEAN WORDS!
    I was bullied in high school but we didn't call it that in the 90's. I got "picked on". But I was resilient and have grown into a rather strong-willed adult.

  • In school suspension

    If a child is being bullied at school, those who bullied them should have their parents called and have an in school suspension. If the issue was off school grounds, then no. UNLESS they are the ones doing it in school and after school.
    I was bullied at school and my parents taught me to fight back and that's what I did. It was torture at first but got easier.

  • Never ever ever!

    They will never learn what's right if they are just getting suspended all the time. They will most likely all ready have a hands on per. They also should not be suspended until they punch or hit someone. I have been a victim of many bullyings for one in first grade a boy sanded on a table and punched me. He never got suspended and I feel bad for him now. He left the school now because no one liked him so I feel really bad for him.

  • Bullies should not be suspended...

    If bullies were to get suspended they would most likely not even tell there parents and would get a whole day off.... And a whole day off school isnt gonna teach a student... It just makes them think there more powerful and that they can do anything.... They need to get help and learn that what they are doing is wrong...

  • No, all people should learn what is wrong and right by themselves.

    In this world, children are not going to learn their lesson from a day off school. Bullies should be confronted by their victim in a room where both parties let their feelings out, so that both parties know why the bully acted the way they did, and, the bully knows how much he has upset the victim. A child should learn the true implications of their actions, and simply giving them a day off school will not stop them from changing their behaviours.

  • No,no,no no no

    I know bully's are the worst thing a school has. But I think they should not be suspended. If you have watched "Fanatic beast and where to find them", they talk about the obsidia. A secret that is kept inside of you for to long, and it turns into a monster. That can happen in real life. You can get mad and keep it a secret, and you will turn into a monster, a bully.

    Most kids who bully have issues at home. Like they don't belong, or there parents beat them, you don't know what happens. Their life is theirs, we don't know what happens at their home.

    That is two out of my very good reasons why kids that are caught bullying should not be suspended.

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