• People in my class know nothing about WWII

    I'm an honors student, and I am dissapoited with the lack of knowledge or WWII. I have several examples of this
    1) someone thought Hitler was a American president
    2) someone thought Pearl Harbor was in the civil war
    3) no one knew what Hiroshima and Nagasaki was
    4) someone told me 'no one cares about the USS Arizona

  • I have personal experience with learning about the World Wars early on in life.

    I learned about both the World Wars when I was very young, because history always has and still does intrigue me. When I started going to public school my siblings befriended a German family. I despised them because my only previous knowledge of the German people was World War I and II; the German Nazis. I believe teaching World War II earlier to children will encourage racism and implant a poor view of the world in the next generation.

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