Should kids be taught survival skills/military tactic in school?

  • I think it would result in tougher kids

    The fact is that pretty much every kid in the US is spoiled (most, Anyway) and are irresponsible and lazy. I think that learning these thing could make them more responsible and dependable. I also think that the general situation of the US would increase greatly once these children became adults.

  • To an extent

    I don't think kids should be using firearms, Or even necessary knives. But I do think teaching kids survival skills and some basic strategies is a good idea, Especially considering the world we live in today. Maybe the emphasis should be more on self defense skills. Girls, Especially, Need these skills more than ever now.

  • Yes to an extent

    I think they should be taught these survival and military training as most kids in the United States are very spoiled or privileged so if we do teach them this it'll seriously toughen them up.

    And I mean you wouldn't want your kids to grow up and be babies, And wussies, Right? You want them to be tough and hardworking.

    Though I think just basic training like how to survive in the wild maybe, Maybe a few combat skills not too sure but just not TOO extreme I don't want my kid playing a hunger games situation,

  • Get your nose out of utopia!

    Do you think we downplay bad things in this world when kids are around. I see it a lot and kids should not think they live in utopia when they don't. So toughen them up, Teach them to survive natural disasters and give them the guts to fight. As long as they aren't causing unnecessary destruction, I'm fine with it

  • Lol! Yes! That would be very cool!

    I wood like to be tot in military training becawse military is cool and they get to hurt bad guys and get away with it! Im not sure if i could use guns to hurt people yet. Becawse im not of age where i can be around bad people. But itll really be cool when i do!

  • Proceed with caution

    I don't want to create a Hunger Games situation but kids may be able to benefit from some basic skills in this area. We already teach them how to stay safe during fires, Tornado's, Earthquakes, Tidal waves, And more stuff so in theory, We could teach them basic ideas of surviving outside plus combat military skills could be incorporated in gym class during a wrestling/archery unit. Using firearms would probably not be necessary.

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